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About Us

Thank you for wanting to learn more about us. After reading this page, we invite you to call or visit during our normal business hours. We would be pleased to provide you with any more information you may desire about Pets in Stitches.

Our Mission

To provide affordable spay and neuter services in the Miami Valley in a high quality facility to the highest standards of safety and professionalism.

  • Fees starting at $60 for cats, $95 for dogs, and $165 for rabbits.
  • State-of-the-art facility constructed in 2011 with human quality anesthetic and monitoring systems.
  • Highly experienced staff with more than 20,000 surgeries.

Our Facilities

Our facilities were constructed in 2011 to the highest standards for patient care, including:

  • all stainless steel for maximum cleanliness and sanitation
  • human-quality anesthetic and monitoring systems to ensure the safety and health of your pet
  • heated surgery tables to provide maximum comfort
  • warmed and padded recovery area (“The Beach”)

We invite you to visit our facility.

Our Staff

We are proud of our staff for their high standards of professionalism, their experience, and their sincere concern for animals. We invite you to meet them below:

Danielle Rastetter, Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter ClinicDanielle N. Rastetter, DVM, Chief Veterinarian

Dr. Rastetter earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hiram College and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Ohio State University. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, Miami Valley Veterinary Medical Association, and the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses. Dr. Rastetter has over sixteen years in private practice including nine years working in the field of shelter medicine. She was honored to be able to volunteer her services in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005 through multiple avenues both locally and at a temporary shelter near the disaster area. Her very active household consists of two young sons, a husband, and an often fluctuating number of dogs and cats.

Dr. Rastetter established Pets In Stitches after recognizing the community’s need for affordable spay and neuter services. Dr. Rastetter is passionate about reducing the pet overpopulation crisis, pain management, shelter and disaster medicine, and client education. Few veterinarians have her level of spay and neuter experience and enthusiasm.

Steve Knick, Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter ClinicSteve Knick, Practice Manager

Unlike our staff, Steve didn’t know he’d be working with pets later in life. As a matter of fact he is still searching to this day to figure out what he wants to be when he grows up. Steve earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Applied Associate of Science Degree in Business Management after spending eighteen years on the trenches of operations management. He used this education on his “honeymoon”; a trip to northern Mississippi with his wife providing relief work at a temporary shelter for pets left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. While his wife cared for the animals, he spent a week managing volunteers behind the scenes of the shelter. From there his career led him to Parks and Recreation for a few years before becoming a principle investor and Practice Manager at Pets In Stitches.

Steve spends his time through the week overseeing the operations of the clinic and handles promotional events on the weekends. When not directing the “P’s” for Pets In Stitches (go ahead, ask him what the “P’s” are if you see him at the clinic or out and about telling folks about Pets In Stitches), he spends time with his wife, three cats, two dogs, and two monkeys (o.k., the monkeys are his sons). Once he builds the Pets In Stitches empire, he intends on returning to trying to figure out what it is he wants to do when he grows up. Maybe his dream will be being a Pirate or a Beach Bum.

Melinda Clark, Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter ClinicMelinda Clark, RVT (Registered Veterinary Technician)

Melinda Clark received her Associate In Applied Science in Veterinary Technology from Morehead State University in 2007. She is currently completing her bachelors of biology degree. Melinda joined Pets In Stitches in 2011 and brings over ten years of clinical veterinary experience to Pets In Stitches.

Melinda first discovered her passion for animals while working in local veterinary clinic’s kennel during high school. While at Pets In Stitches, Melinda has learned many new techniques that allow her to improve her skills and provide a positive experience for our patients. She resides in Miamisburg along with her two dogs – Snoopy, an Italian Greyhound mix, and Hayley, a Fox Terrier mix, as well as her cat named Socks.

Donna LaVielle, Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter ClinicDonna LaVielle, Office Assistant

The need for spay and neuter programs is well-known to Donna. She joined Pets In Stitches in 2011 and worked for over ten years at an animal shelter including over four years as lead veterinary assistant for the shelter’s spay and neuter program This past experience gives Donna intimate knowledge regarding how to care for our patients and their owners. Donna’s family also worked to trap, neuter, and release twenty free-roaming cats located near her residence.

Donna resides with her husband of over thirty years in a house full of pets. She has lived in Dayton her entire life raising her family consisting of a son, daughter and many pets including some she adopted from local shelters. Her pets are her children and she has passed her love of animals on to her human children as well. Donna’s passion is for animals and always will be.

Jessica Maiolo, Disease Control Aide

Jessica Maiolo is Deaf but that doesn’t stop her from anything! She graduated from the Ohio School for the Deaf in Columbus, Ohio. Jessica completed her certification in Early Childhood Education at the Delaware Area Career Center.Our Staff - Jessica

Jessica joined Pets In Stitches in 2014 and loves children, animals, and swimming. She lives with three cats and their personalities are so endearing to her as they sleep with her and “ask” for what they want. Jessica spends a significant amount of time with her young niece and enjoys watching her grow. In the future, she plans a on a wedding and starting her own family. Pets In Stitches is grateful Jessica has joined our team and keeps our patients healthy and their environment clean.

Pets In Stitches is also proud to be a clinical training veterinary clinic for students in Sinclair Community College’s Veterinary Technology program. Thus, you may meet some of students we are training and supervising.

Dr. Rastetter photo, founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Our staff was specially chosen for the experience they bring to Pets In Stitches. We continuously share our knowledge with each other so that your pet’s needs are first and foremost…

...and, as always, I am dedicated to providing affordable spay and neuter services in a professional environment.

Dr. Rastetter, Founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Dr. Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM.

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Mocha is doing very well. She has been giving her intended a run for his money. I would absolutely recommend Pets In Stitches to all that I know who have dogs or any other animals.

You and your staff were so warm and comforting when I came in with Mocha. You read my fear and instantly explained what was wrong with Mocha and what needed to be done. Your assurance that she would be okay made the waiting more bearable.

You can improve your services by becoming Mocha’s regular veterinarian!!!!! My thanks to you!!

Delores J Menefee, owner of Mocha