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Lost and Found: How Pet Microchipping Technology Can Benefit You

pet microchipping

It’s every pet owner’s worst nightmare. You return home, expecting to be welcomed by the usual jingling collar and doggy kisses, or by the familiar purring as your cat winds around your ankles. You turn the knob and open the

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Pet Parasites: The Importance of Screening and Protection

pet parasites

Pet parasites are pesky all year long, but spring does encourage their proliferation. The warm weather and increased amounts of rain bring to life, not only the blossoms, but also many viruses and parasites. Because most of us enjoy being

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Understanding the Basics of Rabbit Care


Rabbits are commonly mistaken for rodents, but they actually belong to the taxonomic order Lagomorpha. Varying in size between 8 to 20 inches long, rabbits boast powerful hind legs, a fluffy little tail, and a constantly twitching nose. Fluffy white,

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Why Spay Surgery is Important for the Health of Pets and the Community

Two Cute Domestic Short Hair cats snuggling

It’s a surgery that veterinarians have been performing for a long time, but it is an often underappreciated procedure. At Pets in Stitches, spay and neuter procedures are our focus and expertise. Let’s explore all of the reasons why spay

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How Pet Dental Health is Integral to Overall Wellness

"Cute black and white kitten brushes her teeth with yellow toothbrush.Shot with Canon 1Ds Mark II, very shallow depth of field, slight curves adjusted, downsized, focus on kitten's nose, copy space available."

If you’ve ever had a toothache, you know just how painful it can be. Most of us also know how important oral hygiene is to overall health. But did you know our pets’ teeth are prone to the same problems?

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Proactive Pet Ownership: A Word on Pet Wellness

jack russell dog ready for a walk with owner or hungry ,begging on lap , inside their home

In veterinary medicine today, pet wellness is the cornerstone of responsible pet care. Where once pets (generally) only saw their veterinarian for routine vaccinations and emergency care, a proactive approach is now recommended for pets of all ages. Just because

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Check Your List: Think Twice Before Giving Pets as Gifts

Getting a Puppy for Christmas

The idea of giving a pet as a gift is not a new one. We’ve all seen movies or read stories depicting the adorable new puppy or kitten waiting under the tree or popping out of a gift box, tied

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A Good Samaritan’s Guide to Trapping Feral Cats

cute purebred cat

If you have a free roaming cat population in your area, you probably know how quickly these groups can grow. While cats are very self-sufficient, these kinds of cat colonies are very susceptible to disease and injury. Pets in Stitches

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Why Spaying and Neutering Rabbits is Important

Cute rabbit sitting on marble surface

Many people are surprised to learn that spaying and neutering rabbits is actually in their best interest. Similar to dogs and cats, having a rabbit “fixed” supports health, longevity, and can make life more pleasant for your bunny (and for you).

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The Down and Dirty on Ear Tipping in Cats

You may be familiar with the image of that stray cat that mills around your neighborhood with part of his or her ear missing. Before you spend too much time thinking up fantastical stories about how that ear tip may

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Don't just take our word for it...

I live in California and was here visiting my family here in Ohio when my 10 month old puppy went into heat. Never wanting to experience THAT again, I was referred to your office by a friend of the family. From first contact, your staff was extremely helpful and informative, explaining the whole process and suggesting a date a few weeks later that my dog could be safely operated on.

On that morning, your staff explained to me, in person, step-by-step, exactly what was going to take place and answered any questions I had. Later that day, after surgery, I picked my dog up and took her home to recover. Your staff kindly called to check in the next day.I missed their call the first day and meant to call them back, but they were on the phone to me before I even got that far!

The concern and support of your staff was evident in every step of the process and to know that I could go to your website to seek visual confirmation that her surgery was healing correctly made me feel especially safe.

I just wanted to thank your staff for making this major surgery one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. your excellent care resulted in a remarkably speedy and stressless recovery, (for both my dog AND I.) Now that it’s over , I realize that I am feeling a great sense of relief.

I trusted you and you came through with what you promised: a reputable, safe, affordable, low-cost spay. Congratulations on your remarkable and stellar approach to such an important service.

Patricia Merritt, pet parent to Shiba