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Dental Services

Dental Cleaning Package $200 (pre-surgical bloodwork recommended)

  • All non-surgical extractions
  • Pain medication
  • Ultrasonic scaling
  • Polishing and sealing
  • Take home antibiotics (additional $15 for long acting one-time injectable for cats)

Extraction Add-On Package $150 (in addition to dental cleaning package)

  • Extractions involving surgical care
  • Take home pain medications
  • Additional charges may apply for IV fluids

PNS does not have dental radiographic capability, so we are limited to some of the services we can provide and disease we can identify. For full dental care, including dental radiographs, you may contact Bigger Road Veterinary Clinic or your local veterinarian.

Pre-surgical Bloodwork
(identify underlying health issues and determine which medications are safe for your pet)

  • Pet 7 years of age and under $75 (optional)
  • Pet 8 years of age and over $112 (required)