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Dog Services and Fees

We are proud to offer safe and affordable spaying and neutering for dogs of all ages and sizes. You will find our prices considerably lower than full-service veterinarian clinics in the Dayton area. Patients will receive a small abdominal tattoo at no charge. This tattooing is the universally accepted method to identify a spayed or neutered animal.

Traditional Spay and Neuter Services

Spay (females)
$160, less than 31 lbs
$180, 31 to 60 lbs
$200, 61 to 100 lbs
$220, more than 100 lbs
Neuter (males)
$120, less than 31 lbs
$140, 31 to 60 lbs
$165, 61 to 100 lbs
$190, more than 100 lbs

Essential Services

  • Flea treatment – $8
    If a dog is found to have live fleas, it will be given a Capstar tablet.
  • Rabies Vaccine – $20
    Montgomery County requires all dogs older than 12 weeks to have a current rabies vaccination. If a current rabies vaccination certificate is not provided at admission, we are required to administer the vaccine during surgery.
  • Pregnancy – $100 – $200 (based on surgery complexity)
    If a female dog is known to be or found to be in the last half of pregnancy during surgery, this additional fee will be charged for providing intravenous fluids to support her during surgery.
  • Pre-anesthetic Bloodwork
    Bloodwork prior to surgery is required for all patients eight years of age and older. Please call for pricing.

Optional Services at Owner’s Request

These services can be provided during surgery, at your request. Please note: these services are not provided separately from surgery.

  • Take-home Pain Medication – $20
    Pain medications used during the surgery are included at no additional fee. However, we strongly recommend three days of take-home pain medication for both pain and inflammation after surgery. This pain medication is not a sedative.
  • Go-Home Sedation – $25
    We strongly recommend take-home sedation for active dogs to decrease risks of complications such as swelling or incision opening. If your dog will not rest quietly in its cage for 7 days after surgery with brief excursions on a leash to eliminate – this is for your dog.
  • Umbilical Hernia Repair – $75
    A few weeks after birth, the area of the body wall where the umbilical cord was attached “belly button” closes. If the hole does not close, surgically closing will prevent the possibly fatal complication of abdominal organs becoming entrapped in the opening.
  • Abdominal Cryptorchid – The cost of the neuter plus the cost of spay
    This occurs when your pet’s testicle(s) has not fully descended into the scrotal sac and one or more remain in the abdomen.
  • Inguinal Cryptorchid- The cost of the neuter plus $60
    This occurs when the pet’s testicles have not fully descended and one or more is found under the skin in the groin area.
  • Dewclaw Removal (if not attached by bone) – $50 per dewclaw
    A dewclaw is a vestigial digit on the foot. In many dogs, the dewclaws never make contact with the ground. In this case, the dewclaw’s nail never wears away and it must often be trimmed to keep it a safe length.
  • Extraction of deciduous (baby) incisor or premolar teeth – $15 per tooth
    When the adult teeth erupt without pushing the deciduous tooth out, the deciduous tooth is called “retained” and should be removed to reduce the risk of infection, fracture, and dental disease.
  • Extraction of deciduous (baby) canine teeth – $20 per tooth
    As with the incisor and premolar teeth, these should be removed also.

Postsurgery Recovery Collars

We want your pet to have a positive outcome from surgery. Pets In Stitches recommends a postsurgery recovery collar to reduce the ability of your pet to lick its surgical site and cause complications after surgery.

  • Elizabethan Collar – $15
    An Elizabethan collar, otherwise known as an “E-collar.” It looks funny, but provides peace of mind. Click here for more information about e-collars.
  • Kong Cloud Collar – $30 Kong Cloud
    A “pillow” collar that prevents your dog from licking the surgical site. A bit more expensive, but easy to put on and tolerated well by your pet. We recommend this for all female dogs and also some male dogs with the “squished” faces such as Pugs, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, and Boxers.
  • Comfy Cone – $30
    A softer collar than the traditional Elizabethan collar. A bit more expensive, but easy to put on and tolerated well. We recommend this for male dogs around forty pounds and larger.


Canine vaccinations are only administered on the day of your dog’s surgery. We follow vaccination guidelines established by the American Animal Hospital Association, which are supported by their extensive research to keep your dog healthy.

  • Rabies – $20
    This very serious viral disease affects most warm-blooded animals including cats, dogs, and humans. The virus is transmitted through bite wounds. Once inside the body, the virus attacks the nervous system, eventually causing death. Once clinical signs appear, the disease is almost always fatal. Since rabies is maintained in populations of wildlife, such as skunks, foxes, bats, and raccoons, it is a persistent danger to unvaccinated companion animals.
  • Distemper and Parvovirus – $20
    This vaccine protects your dog against several common diseases, including distemper and parvovirus. There are two doses. We can administer the first dose, then you will need to repeat the dose three to four weeks later at your regular full-service veterinarian.
  • Bordetella (kennel cough) – $20
    This vaccine protects your dog against kennel cough, a highly contagious cough. We recommend it if you dog is to be boarded, hospitalized, or may come into contact with other animals.


Testing service is only available to dogs receiving spaying or neutering surgery the same day.

In order to purchase heartworm prevention from Pets In Stitches, all dogs seven months and older must have a heartworm test performed within the last six months or on the the day of surgery.

  • Canine Heartworm Test – $25
    Heartworm disease is a serious and potentially fatal condition caused by parasitic worms living in the arteries and the heart of dogs, cats, and other mammals. A dog becomes infected when bitten by an infected mosquito.
  • Fecal Exam for Intestinal Parasites – $30
    Intestinal parasites can cause illness and some even spread to humans. They can be transmitted from dogs, cats, and other mammals.


  • Microchip from AKC Reunite – $50
    If your dog is lost, a microchip will identify your dog for a speedy recovery. This fee included microchip implantation and registration. For more information, visit AKC Reunite
  • Nail Trim – $20
    If you struggle to trim your dog’s nails, ask us to help! It’s so easy to perform a close nail trim when your dog is sedated.
  • Anal Gland Expression – $25
    If your dog scoots its rear on the floor or has a has a history of full anal glands, we can express them when your dog is sedated.
  • Ear Clean – $20
    While your dog is sedated, we can easily perform a deep ear cleaning.
  • Ear Hair Pluck – $20
    While your dog is sedated, we can easily pluck ear hair that can predispose a dog to an ear infection.
  • Deworming for roundworms and hoookworms – $15
    Roundworms and hookworms are intestinal parasites that can transmit to humans from dogs. We offer go-home deworming medication for roundworms and hookworms to protect your family and dog.
  • Flea, Intestinal Parasite, and Heartworm Prevention – inquire at the time of service
    We offer convenient and affordable prevention that you administer monthly to your dog to keep them happy and healthy.

Before Your Dog’s Surgery

We recommend completing or collecting required paperwork to bring with you so we may process your dog’s admission quickly the morning of surgery. These include:

If your dog is more than four months old, please do not allow them any food after midnight before surgery. If your pet accidentally eats the morning of surgery, let us know at drop-off.

If your puppy is less than four months old, please feed them a normal meal between 6 and 8 a.m. the day of surgery.

Water should be available at all times.

If your dog is on a long term medication (i.e. phenobarbital, prednisone, insulin), contact us or your regular full-service veterinarian prior to surgery to determine if your pet should receive the medication the day of the procedure.

Juvenile Spay and Neuter

Pets In Stitches recommends juvenile spaying and neutering (after eight weeks of age.) It is safe, effective and the young puppies recover faster.

Juvenile spays and neuters are endorsed by:

American Humane Association: Juvenile Spay and Neuter

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: Pediatric Spay-Neuter

American Veterinary Medical Association: Animal Welfare Spay and Neuter

Nursing Mothers

Assure your lactating dog has been separated from their puppies for at least two weeks before the day of surgery. The presence of milk in the mammary glands increases the risk of infection and delays healing.

Postoperative Complications and Emergencies

Pets In Stitches will re-check your dog at no charge for any complications resulting directly from surgery. There may be a minimal cost for medications or an Elizabethan collar, if needed.

If you have a non-emergency question or concern or would like to have your dog re-checked by one of our veterinarians, call (937) 630-3320 during regular business hours (Monday – Thursday, 7:30 am-5:00 p.m.)

If your dog requires emergency care during Pets In Stitches’ on-call business hours, call our emergency telephone (Monday – Saturday, 7:30 a.m. – 9 p.m.) which may be found on the back of your postoperative paperwork.

If your dog requires emergency care for a life-threatening situation that does not fall within Pets In Stitches emergency phone hours, call or visit your regular full-service veterinarian or local emergency veterinary clinic. If you do not have a veterinarian, we suggest the reputable emergency clinics in the Miami Valley area:

Dayton Care Center

(937) 428-0911


(937) 293-2714

In the case of emergency treatment, you are responsible for paying the veterinarian or the emergency veterinary clinic directly. Pets In Stitches will discuss the visit with the emergency veterinarian to determine if the visit was related to the spay or neuter surgery. Pets In Stitches will reimburse the cost of the visit if we determine it was a spay or neuter surgery related visit and that postoperative care instructions were followed.

Don’t just take our word for it…

When I first went looking to find a place to get both my dogs fixed, there were several things I was after. I was worried about price, cleanliness and sterilization, how well my dogs would be treated, and how I would be treated as well. After calling different veterinarians including my, I found Pets In Stitches offered the best prices, by far. When first walking into Pets In Stitches, I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the front office and how well-mannered the staff was with me and my pups. Not only was I nervous but both of my pets were too and both had accidents on the floor; the crew at Pets In Stitches had it taken care of before I even knew what had happened. Their facility seems to be top notch and my dogs were well taken care of.

I think the best part of taking my dogs to Pets In Stitches was the aftercare my dogs and I received from them. When I went back later that afternoon to pick up my dogs, they were both doing well. I was given and walked through a packet of papers that gave me thorough instructions on any problems that could arise, what to do if they did arise, and what is completely normal. I think I asked about 1,000 questions but the staff answered every single one of them for me and I didn’t feel like I was being pushed out the door.

In my opinion, the best part of their service was them checking up on the dogs. The morning after the dogs’ surgery, they called me simply to see how the dogs were doing. Of course both dogs were fine, but I really appreciated it and it put me that much more at ease.

I really liked how professional the staff and Danielle were with me. I think they were very thorough in answering all of my questions, they treated my dogs well, and they treated me like a real person rather than just another customer. I would recommend them to anyone, hands down.

Dana Smith, owner of Bailey and Gracie

“I have already recommended Pets in Stitches to several people.

I loved how friendly everyone was and how clean the facility is. I also had a question about Zoe’s incisions and my call was returned quickly and they had us come right in to check her out. All was good 🙂

I also loved the price and all of the options given to me. I opted for the at home sedation which was an absolute lifesaver. I also loved the Kong collar in place of the plastic lampshade :)”

Jess Royster, owner of Zoe

I chose to have my dog spayed at Pets In stitches because it was a much cheaper alternative than having it done at my main veterinarian. I saved almost $100.00 getting it done there. But I REALLY didn’t decide to have it done at Pets In Stitches until I heard from my sister – a Veterinary Technician at a Montgomery County Shelter – about the wonderful reputation that Dr. Rastetter had in the animal community.

Normally you would expect to get less quality of service by choosing the cheaper option but not so with Pets In Stitches! I have gotten my other dog and cats fixed at my main veterinarian in the past. This was before Pets In Stitches was around. But now that I see how wonderful they are with the animals, I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again and have recommended others to do the same.

I like the quality of the services I received. Even though my dog had a very unusual allergic reaction to her stitches, I felt confident in the abilities of Dr. Rastetter. She gave my pet attention over and above what I might have received from a veterinarian that did other work besides just spaying and neutering.

I also appreciated the numerous calls I received from the office checking on the status of my dog’s recovery. It made me feel that someone actually cared about the well-being of my pet rather than just another customer to get a buck from.

James Bell, owner of Sissy
Dr. Rastetter photo, founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

In addition to spaying and neutering, at the time of surgery we can help promote your dog’s health through vaccinations, deworming, heartworm prevention, flea prevention, and microchipping…

...and, as always, I am dedicated to providing affordable spay and neuter services in a professional environment.

Dr. Rastetter, Founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Dr. Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM.