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Friends and Partners

We are pleased to have many business friends and partners in the Miami Valley area who support and recommend our services.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

Word’s can’t explain how much I appreciate your care…I had a bad experience with my female cat six yrs ago when she got spayed…it was a spay/neuter clinic…and my kitty ended up being sick, didn’t eat or drink for 3 days, took her to the emergency vet, ended up getting IV fluid & antibiotics.

I had two of my cat’s have surgery on 10/8/2012,a spay (Nina) & neuter (Sid Vicious)…. I had no issues after surgery, I got pain medication for them, but didn’t have to use it….my baby’s where back to normal one day post-op…and I had a follow phone call from the staff.

I just want to THANK YOU for the total support before & after the surgery…I even recommended several owner’s to your service’s… I will definitely seek out the services of Dr. Danielle Rastetter, DVM….Thank You again for your kindness & exceptional service.

Kelly Turner, owner of Nina and Sid Vicious

We chose to take our dog Daisy to Pets In Stitches because we were looking for an affordable but also very trustworthy place to have her spayed.

In our research, we found that many people were very satisfied with their experience at Pets In Stitches. We were also very impressed with how thorough Pets In Stitches’ website was in answering many of our initial questions and concerns about the spaying process.

We really liked that when we called with more questions, the staff was patient with us in answering them.

They also greeted us warmly when we walked in for our appointment and assured us that Daisy would be well taken care of. We called in the afternoon to check on her and the staff was happy to give us an update.

Our puppy is a big part of our family now and we are relieved to have found a place that took wonderful care of her and made the spay experience very worry-free for us.

Connie Heidenreich, owner of Daisy

For a long time, I had thought that a service like this would be very important, especially for those on a tight budget. We have (at this moment) rescued 12 cats and 5 dogs. It is a stretch, but we try to provide for all of their needs, esp. for spaying and neutering. Though we had quite a drive from Englewood, it was worth it.

The cost of our dog’s neutering was significantly lower than our veterinarian.

I appreciated a number of things. The facility was very clean; someone greeted us right away and was very friendly and helpful. The Dr. came out to take our dog, Rufus, and I could tell she loved animals and that Rufus would be safe with her. I would not have left him, if I had felt otherwise.

When we picked him up, any questions we had were answered and I felt confident to take him home and care for him. Everything was a good experience and we have several other animals that we will take there when the finances allow.

Thank you for having the courage and vision to start this “business” and we hope that you have great success.

Terry and Shoshana Swedlund, owner of Rufus
Dr. Rastetter photo, founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

We are grateful to those businesses that support our mission and hope you choose to visit their establishments.

...and, as always, I am dedicated to providing affordable spay and neuter services in a professional environment.

Dr. Rastetter, Founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Dr. Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM.