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We make it possible for you to select a surgery day that is most convenient for you – weeks and even months in advance. Contact us by either:

  • Telephone: 937-630-3320
  • Use the convenient Appointment Request Form below – we will call you within one business day to confirm your date and review preoperative instructions.


Select a date for surgery that is at least TWO (2) WEEKS from today’s date and is a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Pets In Stitches ONLY provides vaccines at the time of spay or neuter.

Dr. Rastetter photo, founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

We look forward to playing a role in improving your pet’s health…

...and, as always, I am dedicated to providing affordable spay and neuter services in a professional environment.

Dr. Rastetter, Founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Dr. Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM.

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Pets in Stitches appeared compassionate and caring for our girls. Their system for taking the pets back was quick and effective.

I liked the system for taking pets back quickly once you bring them in building.

We are totally satisfied with the service. Carmen and Daisy were treated well and quickly. They were out by two in the afternoon, which was great as we didn’t want them to sit alone in cages for a long time.

Thanks so much Pets in Stitches. Your services were affordable, but safe and reliable. I have already recommended you to our neighbors for their puppy.

Dan Strauss, owner of Carmen and Daisy