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Sugar came into Pets In Stitches losing the battle for her life. Read about her experience and how an infected uterus can affect our female pets. Pets In Stitches Fall 2015 Newsletter

New advanced options for preventing pregnancy other than traditional spay and neuter are now available at Pets In Stitches. Read the Pets In Stitches Summer 2015 Newsletter to learn more!

As the weather warms up, animals like cats enter their reproductive cycles more frequently. This is a serious situation in the Dayton area due to the large number of unwanted, stray, and free-roaming cats. Pets In Stitches can help reduce the impact “kitten season” as detailed in the Pets In Stitches Winter 2015 Newsletter.

For puppy owners, it can be confusing to know the best time to spay or neuter. Even scientific studies do not provide a clear answer. Research is clear that spaying and neutering when young greatly reduces or eliminates the risk of potentially life-threatening reproductive disorders such as pyometra (infection of the uterus), testicular cancer, prostatic infections, breast cancer, and more. But there are other factors to think about when deciding what age to spay or neuter your puppy. The Pets In Stitches Winter 2015 Newsletter explores this major decision.

Since Pets In Stitches is a new concept in the Greater Dayton area, we are asked about our services. When people hear “affordable,” it conjures different ideas. Some of those thoughts may be:

  • Why does my full-service veterinarian charge more than Pets In Stitches?
  • Will a real veterinarian perform my pet’s spay or neuter?
  • Is my pet sleeping when the surgery is completed?

So, here are the answers to those burning questions in our Pets In Stitches Fall 2014 Newsletter!

Don’t just take our word for it…

I would like to thank the staff and veterinarian for the great work they did on my four mini dachshunds, they are doing great and healed up very good. You all were so nice and treated them and I so good.

I’ve been telling my friends about your work and place, it is so clean and nice there. I’m planning on bringing my other three males in to have them fixed also because of the good work you did on my other pups. I would rate Pets in Stitches as a 10.

Thank you so much.

Brenda Boyer, pet parent to Angel, Cubbie, Little Bit, Precious, and Rozco