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PostOp – Abnormal Female Cats

The following photos are visual examples of improperly healing surgical sites after having a female cat spayed. If your pet was spayed at Pets In Stitches, please contact us if your pet’s incision looks like any of these pictures.


Don’t just take our word for it…

I really liked the drop off/pick-up times. They were very flexible and convenient for my work schedule. I also liked how they explained the procedure and important things to watch for before leaving. As a nurse I understand the signs of infection and when emergency help is needed but it’s always nice when it’s gone over and you get a chance to ask questions VS handed a paper and expected to figure it out on your own.

I think that they did a fantastic job and I don’t have any complaints.

Kristina Randolph, pet parent to Otis

I had our young cat, Trixie, spayed at Pets in Stitches in April 2012 and I was very pleased with how well Trixie was cared for.

She had a very quick recovery and they called & made sure she was doing well in the two weeks after the surgery. I would recommend this clinic to anyone looking to have a spay or neuter procedure done for their pet. The lower cost was great for our budget and the professionals at Pets in Stitches were easy to work with AND they took wonderful care of our kitty.

Jennifer Schneider, pet parent to Trixie

Eva is doing great thanks to Pets In Stitches!

We chose Pets In Stitches because the price was better than anywhere else for all that she had done. And it was convenient to where we live.

The service was wonderful. I was very comfortable to leave her there with people who seemed like they already cared about her. She was acting a little different the next few days and Pets In Stitches even let her come back and checked her out for no charge.

I wouldn’t change anything. The experience for Eva and us was great with great people and at an inexpensive price.

Candice Smith, pet parent to Eva