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We welcome you to visit us in person during normal hours so we can show you around our state-of-the-art clinic. Also, we encourage your school, scouting, or other organizations to plan a field trip to Pets In Stitches. We would be very pleased to give a tour and discuss spaying and neutering with your group.

Until you can visit in person, we invite you to “take a tour” by photos below.

Our New Spay & Neuter Clinic
Completed in 2011, Pets In Stitches is in the Southland 75 Shopping Center (just off I-75 near the Dayton Mall).

Come on in
We’d love to show you around. We are:
… Dr. Rastetter, DVM (front left),
… Donna, office assistant (front right)
… Kate, veterinay assistant (back left)
… Melinda, RVT (back right)

Reception Area
We will greet you and your pet in our reception area and review your admission paperwork.

The adult owner of your pet must be present at admissions unless prior arrangements with Pets In Stitches have been made.

Meet and Greet
During the admission process, we will meet you and your pet in a friendly environment. Your pet will receive lots of love and affection. It only takes a few minutes to check in if you have your forms completed in advance. Then, you can be on your way.

Dr. Rastetter meets your pet
Your pet gets lots of attention and reassurance during the brief checkup to be sure your pet is ready for surgery.

If your pet shows signs of illness or if there are any concerns, surgery may be postponed and you will be contacted to pick up your pet. This would only be considered if it’s in the best interest of your pet.

All sizes welcome!
Rufus is one big dog (or a small horse…smiles). We have the equipment needed to handle all sizes of pets. Here Rufus sits on a special treatment table for large dogs.

Extra care
All pets receive the special care they may need. Here, Rufus is gently being held just before being sedated.

Clean and Safe
Holly is sitting quietly while she waits her turn for surgery. All pets have their own clean “suite for a day” to house them during their stay.

Minimizing Dog Bark Echos
Our dog ward has soundproofing in the walls and ceiling to help create a more comfortable “suite for a day” for your dog.

Multi-purpose Area
Our multi-purpose area for laboratory, pharmacy, and preparing surgery packs. You can see Melinda working with the autoclave, which sterilizes surgical packs for your pet’s use. We’ve nicknamed it “Monster” since it’s the largest tabletop autoclave available!

Surgery Packs
After being sterilized in the autoclave, surgery packs are stored and ready for use. Each pack has an assortment of surgical instruments so the veterinary surgeon will have everything they need for performing a safe and efficient surgery on your pet.

The Surgery Suite
The Surgery Suite is a special clean room dedicated to spaying and neutering your pet. Your pet will receive expert care during the surgery.

A Surgery Table
Each surgery table is fully equipped with a heated surface, individual lights, anesthetic system and vital monitors. A typical surgery will take only 5-20 minutes, during which your pet will be completely safe and monitored both by our staff and vitals machines. Here you see Winnie-the-Pooh demonstrating how a pet is ready for surgery.

Individual Medical Trays
We make sure your pet gets exactly the right medicines and vaccines they need by providing a separate medical tray for each pet. These medicines may be administered before or after surgery as appropriate. We take the extra step of giving every male pet regional pain blocks in order to minimize discomfort.

Human-Grade Oxygen System
We provide the same type of breathing system for your pet as you would receive in hospital. To our knowledge, we are the only clinic in the Miami Valley that has this level of life support.

Vitals Monitor
Your pet will be connected to a hospital-grade monitor during the surgery that has its visual and audio reports continually monitored by the Pets In Stiches staff. Even though the surgery will likely last less than 20 minutes, we want to be sure your pet is safe and never in any distress during the surgery.

Rufus In Surgery
Here you see Rufus ready to undergo his surgery. He is completely relaxed and sedated, and hooked up to the vitals monitor and human-grade breathing system. He won’t remember a thing.

Time for Surgery
Our veterinary surgeons have many years of spay and neuter experience under their belts and utilize specialized techniques to increase safety and decrease your pet’s time under anesthesia. We only hire the best staff to care for your pet.

A Really Cool Tattoo
Yes, your pet will be tattooed. This green line is the recognized symbol that your pet has been spayed or neutered. It will be helpful to any vet who takes care of your pet. Now, if only we could do rose tattoos also… smiles.

Pedicures too
While your pet is sedated, we will provide any extra services you requested… such as the pedicure you see here.

Snoozing on The Beach
The Beach is our recovery area. Each pet lounges on a heated blanket as the anesthesia wears off. Sometimes, pets can be disoriented a bit after surgery, so we like to have patients nearby where we can monitor them.

Make New Friends
Dr. Rastetter is stroking a small pet to stimulate their recovery on The Beach while another snoozes. The pets are typically drowsy and easily tolerate other pets nearby. When a pet is recovered, we will move them to their “suite for a day”.

Ya gotta love it
Some special attention after surgery to help recovery.

What A Day!
Your pet will be ready and eager to see you. They will be fully recovered from the anesthesia and pain free (due to the pain blocks). Probably, hungry too. We will call in a couple days to see how they are doing at home.

Me too!
Cozy and warm until you arrive to take them home.

Don’t just take our word for it…

I chose Pets in Stitches to have both of my dogs, Bulvii and Wiley, neutered mainly because of the price! It’s ridiculous how much it would have cost at their regular vet’s office compared to Pets in Stitches. It was very affordable and we were pleased with the whole environment.

We also liked their “method” for dropping off our dogs. We had our two dogs neutered at different times, and our larger dog, Bulvii, has a lot of anxiety around people, so they gave him a shot to start to sedate him, and we stayed in a room with him by ourselves until he was much more relaxed, and then they carried him back. That went much smoother than dragging him off growling and whining. It made us feel better too. Also, they took the time to explain the “”at home”” instructions to make sure we understood everything properly, and even called the day after the surgeries to check and see how the dogs were doing. Great service!

I honestly can’t think of anything that they could do to improve their service; we were very satisfied with everything!

Lisa Grubb and Scott Munger, owners of Bulvii and Wiley

I chose to have JD neutered at Pets In Stitches due to the low cost, but still set in a clinical environment. Even though I know that the programs that are provided by other organizations are safe and sterile, I felt a lot more comfortable with him being in a vet type office environment just in case.

The things that I liked about Pets In Stitches…there was many….everyone was friendly when we arrived which put us at ease, the appointment was made within the same week , JD did not have to stay overnight after the procedure, there were extras available like the pain pills and the e-collar.

Afterwards, JD was able to get the outer layer of stitches open. There was an emergency number to call even though it was Saturday, and we were again put at ease.

The next morning, Dr. Rastetter called to check again and give us instructions to keep him safe and asked that we bring him in the following day just to make sure he was doing ok. He was in and out the next day within five minutes and he was fine, and healed wonderfully.

Dawn Eaton, owner of JD

Duke is fully healed, doing great and quit marking, so we are very happy. Now if we could only get him to quit stealing toys from our blind dog he would be perfect – lol.

I initially attended the Pets In Stitches grand opening Open House because we needed to get our one year old cocker spaniel neutered but the costs involved were keeping us from doing so.

I was impressed with the state of the art equipment, the cleanliness and the friendly staff as well as the affordability of the services.

The staff was so friendly and loving to my dog from the minute we walked in the door. I liked that the forms were online so I could have that all done before I arrived and the fact that I could get his immunizations brought current at the same time – which saved me even more money.

I also appreciated the follow up call from Dr. Rastetter checking up on my dog – just confirmed I had made the right decision.

Amy Barkalow, owner of Duke
Dr. Rastetter photo, founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

We are very proud of our facility and the amenities that we provide your pet. Take a tour on us…

...and, as always, I am dedicated to providing affordable spay and neuter services in a professional environment.

Dr. Rastetter, Founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Dr. Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM.