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Amy Barkalow, owner of Duke

Duke is fully healed, doing great and quit marking, so we are very happy. Now if we could only get him to quit stealing toys from our blind dog he would be perfect – lol.

I initially attended the Pets In Stitches grand opening Open House because we needed to get our one year old cocker spaniel neutered but the costs involved were keeping us from doing so.

I was impressed with the state of the art equipment, the cleanliness and the friendly staff as well as the affordability of the services.

The staff was so friendly and loving to my dog from the minute we walked in the door. I liked that the forms were online so I could have that all done before I arrived and the fact that I could get his immunizations brought current at the same time – which saved me even more money.

I also appreciated the follow up call from Dr. Rastetter checking up on my dog – just confirmed I had made the right decision.

Amy Barkalow, owner of Duke
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