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Anna Zimmer, pet parent to Carson

I just had Carson at Pets in Stitches on Monday. I was extremely nervous dropping him off but I knew he needed to be neutered. Dropping him off was quick and easy. They went over everything that would be done, I paid, and went out to get Carson. I came to pick him up at 3pm. Aftercare was thoroughly explained and all my questions were answered.

Everyone there was so nice, even the younger guy that brought him out to me was great! The next day they even called to check on him and again I was treated like I was the most important client they had. The “cone of shame” Carson got was soft and bendable. I know he can be very determined so I worried he would be able to get to his stitches. I was told if there was a problem I could bring him back in at no charge and they would figure something else out. The cone has been wonderful and he hasn’t been able to get to his sutures once.

I was absolutely pleased with every experience I’ve had with Pets In Stitches and have already recommended them to people. Thanks for everything!

Anna Zimmer, pet parent to Carson
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