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Carolyn Taylor, owner of Coco

I was VERY pleased with the service you gave to our goldendoodle, Coco. Your staff was exceptionally friendly, and answered ALL our questions with utmost courtesy. And when we walked in to the facility, the first thing I noticed was how clean and fresh everything looked . . . and smelled! Your pricing was up-front and very reasonable, too.

We took Coco in for surgery on a Thursday, and during the weekend (on Sunday) we noticed a little swelling at her incision site. I called the cell phone number you left, just in case we had any concerns – and since it was early afternoon on Sunday, I really didn’t expect you to respond until Monday morning. To my surprise (and delight), you responded within the hour and set my mind at ease.

Thank you for the care and follow up you gave to us. On a scale of 1-10, you definitely rate a 10! . . . and I would not hesitate to recommend you to any friends looking to have their pet spayed or neutered.

Thank you for everything!

Coco - Carolyn Tayler
Carolyn Taylor, owner of Coco
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