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Donna Higle, owner of Hamilton

Pets In Stitches were very friendly and wanted to see him that same day to check him in order to help inform me of the total cost since he had a retained testicle.

I took him in and they checked him right away. After checking him, they informed me of the cost, what the procedure would involve and then was ready to schedule his surgery for the next day. It was nice to have such quick service.

I was very impressed with the whole experience. They were concerned with Hamilton and his surgery all the way through.

When he was taken in the morning, they talked gently to him to try to make him feel a bit more at ease. They called to let me know that surgery went well and he was doing fine. He was handled with kind people who were concerned even after he came home. They called the next day to see how he was doing.

I was very impressed that if needed again, I would use Pets In Stitches.

Donna Higle, owner of Hamilton
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