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Erin Ketchen, pet parent to Maggie

We are very impressed with your facility, staff and the care you provided for Maggie. We would highly recommended you to anyone and give the entire experience a “10”. We were most impressed at how quickly the entire process took as well as the affordability of the services. Our local vet would have been double the cost for us. Our vet even told us that they were glad we took Maggie to you to have her spayed. They said that Pets in Stitches is very reputable, so that cemented to us that we made the right decision.

Maggie healed quickly after the procedure and she had no complications. Thank you and thanks to Steve for his follow up call as well.

We will tell anyone who needs this for their pet to go to Pets In Stitches.

Erin Ketchen, pet parent to Maggie
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