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Erin Stewart, owner of Daisy

I just had my 5 month old puppy, Daisy, spayed with you guys. I was extremely nervous, even though I knew how routine this surgery is. I lost my dog very suddenly on Christmas Day and immediately went and got Daisy the following weekend, so I’m a little over-protective.

From the time I checked in, Donna was wonderful and very understanding and comforting. Daisy did great, and is doing great now and healing fine.

I greatly appreciated the fact that the staff was so understanding about my worry and were extremely comforting and personable. It is obvious they have a passion for animals and love what they do. The price of spaying Daisy with you vs with my veterinarian saved me over $100.

This is a wonderful institution with low prices and superior care!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Daisy - Erin Stewart
Erin Stewart, owner of Daisy
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