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Gina, owner of Cali

I found out about Pets In Stitches from a local veterinary office that I called regarding services for spaying. Cali (a jet black cat) suddenly showed up on my porch out of nowhere about a week before Halloween. We decided to give her a home and next thing I know a week later she is in heat and keeping us up all night so I needed help fast! I’m on a tight budget so when I found out about Pets In Stitches I was relieved. I had called several places and the cost was so high I wasn’t sure what I was going to do- plus most places were telling me I had to wait several weeks. I called Pets In Stitches and had Cali an appointment the very next day- and not only was I able to afford the spaying I also had her treated for fleas, had vaccinations and tests done!

I was completely and totally satisfied with the services. When I picked Cali up the lady sat down with me and totally went over everything and Cali recovered beautifully and was back to her playful self the very next day.

I was very satisfied with the services and have already recommended Pets In Stitches! I was very lucky to have heard about your place!

Cali - Gina
Gina, owner of Cali
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