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James Bell, owner of Sissy

I chose to have my dog spayed at Pets In stitches because it was a much cheaper alternative than having it done at my main veterinarian. I saved almost $100.00 getting it done there. But I REALLY didn’t decide to have it done at Pets In Stitches until I heard from my sister – a Veterinary Technician at a Montgomery County Shelter – about the wonderful reputation that Dr. Rastetter had in the animal community.

Normally you would expect to get less quality of service by choosing the cheaper option but not so with Pets In Stitches! I have gotten my other dog and cats fixed at my main veterinarian in the past. This was before Pets In Stitches was around. But now that I see how wonderful they are with the animals, I wouldn’t hesitate to go there again and have recommended others to do the same.

I like the quality of the services I received. Even though my dog had a very unusual allergic reaction to her stitches, I felt confident in the abilities of Dr. Rastetter. She gave my pet attention over and above what I might have received from a veterinarian that did other work besides just spaying and neutering.

I also appreciated the numerous calls I received from the office checking on the status of my dog’s recovery. It made me feel that someone actually cared about the well-being of my pet rather than just another customer to get a buck from.

James Bell, owner of Sissy
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