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Judy Anderson, owner, Brandon, Bronson

I brought in three male cats for neutering. My son had a stray feral mom give birth to four kittens under his deck, seeing them for the first time when they were approximately four weeks old. The mom was very unfriendly, always hissing at us and running back under the deck. The kittens picked up the same behavior so while they were very little they would have nothing to do with us. The mom left the kittens when they were approximately eight weeks old and we worked very hard to earn their trust and finally we were able to tame them into very sweet kitties.

Pets In Stitches provided us excellent and caring service by giving us both pre- and post- surgery instructions, even calling the next day to check on them. Plus the kittens were given the needed vaccinations and worming medicine.

I highly recommend their services. Thank you!

Judy Anderson, owner, Brandon, Bronsonand Bruce
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