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Julie Couch, owner of Riley

Riley is doing great. He recovered from his surgery in just a few days & all the annoying marking has stopped. He is finding his “place” in our multi-pet family.

I was happy to hear about a low cost spay & neuter facility in our area. We have three dogs, five cats & two horses so we need to cut our costs anyway we can! I checked out Pets In Stitches web site & was quite impressed with how well you described the facility, procedures offered & costs involved.

We rescued Riley & his two sisters as kittens sitting on the side of a busy road. (One of their other litter mates had already been hit & killed.) We were able to find homes for his two sisters but had no luck with Riley. We decided to give up & make him a part of our family. He was WAY past due needing to be neutered so I called right away. Pets In Stitches were able to get me in right away! My regular veterinarian’s office has about an 8 week waiting list plus charges WAY more.

The staff was really great & friendly when I dropped him off. They explained procedure to me & I was able to pick him back up the same day.

I can’t stress enough to people how important it is to spay & neuter all your pets!!! If everyone did, kittens wouldn’t end up in the situation Riley & sisters were in. Pets In Stitches offers a very affordable way to spay & neuter not just pets but feral cats as well.

I have been telling all my pet loving friends about Pets In Stitches. I will certainly use you again when needed. I told my sister (Janet Bawa) about you. She recently brought in a stray cat for spay. She too was very happy with your facility.

I will continue to spread the word of where you are located & low cost plus importance of pet population control.

Julie Couch, owner of Riley
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