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Karen Prater, owner of Duncan

I have recommended you to a couple of people I know because they cannot afford to pay the full price of their regular veterinarian. With money being so tight these days you want your pet to have the best care and you make that possible. Thank you.

I was very happy with your services, when Duncan had a swelling problem after surgery you got me in immediately and took care of him. You gave me more information about the surgery than another veterinarian has done in the past which made me feel more comfortable about it. I was very glad that Duncan got all his shots and chip done at the same time.

I wish that I could bring Duncan in for all his regular shots because they are much more affordable than the regular veterinarian’s office.

I hope that your business continues to grow. You have been Duncan’s regular veterinarian at MVAH since the day I got him, I appreciate the attention and kindness you have shown him.

Duncan McCloud (JJ) - Karen Prater
Karen Prater, owner of Duncan
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