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Kathy Fulton, owner of Rowdy and Whiskers

Both Rowdy and Whiskers were stray kittens we had been feeding and trying to find homes for. They came to the age where we needed to spay them for their safety and health. The county Humane Society referred me to Pets In Stitches. Since they were strays the low cost program was very attractive and we could get them in right away.

The facility is very nice, professional, and clean. The staff was very helpful and caring. I felt good about leaving them there. They were very patient with me when I had questions and concerns and helped me work through those. The Pets In Stitches website is also very informative and professional looking

I would definitely utilize your services again. Thanks for taking good care of Rowdy and Whiskers.

Rowdy _ Kathy Fulton
Kathy Fulton, owner of Rowdy and Whiskers
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