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Kelly Turner, owner of Nina and Sid Vicious

Word’s can’t explain how much I appreciate your care…I had a bad experience with my female cat six yrs ago when she got spayed…it was a spay/neuter clinic…and my kitty ended up being sick, didn’t eat or drink for 3 days, took her to the emergency vet, ended up getting IV fluid & antibiotics.

I had two of my cat’s have surgery on 10/8/2012,a spay (Nina) & neuter (Sid Vicious)…. I had no issues after surgery, I got pain medication for them, but didn’t have to use it….my baby’s where back to normal one day post-op…and I had a follow phone call from the staff.

I just want to THANK YOU for the total support before & after the surgery…I even recommended several owner’s to your service’s… I will definitely seek out the services of Dr. Danielle Rastetter, DVM….Thank You again for your kindness & exceptional service.

Kelly Turner, owner of Nina and Sid Vicious
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