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Lisa Grubb and Scott Munger, owners of Bulvii and Wiley

I chose Pets in Stitches to have both of my dogs, Bulvii and Wiley, neutered mainly because of the price! It’s ridiculous how much it would have cost at their regular vet’s office compared to Pets in Stitches. It was very affordable and we were pleased with the whole environment.

We also liked their “method” for dropping off our dogs. We had our two dogs neutered at different times, and our larger dog, Bulvii, has a lot of anxiety around people, so they gave him a shot to start to sedate him, and we stayed in a room with him by ourselves until he was much more relaxed, and then they carried him back. That went much smoother than dragging him off growling and whining. It made us feel better too. Also, they took the time to explain the “”at home”” instructions to make sure we understood everything properly, and even called the day after the surgeries to check and see how the dogs were doing. Great service!

I honestly can’t think of anything that they could do to improve their service; we were very satisfied with everything!

Lisa Grubb and Scott Munger, owners of Bulvii and Wiley
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