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Marcia Laning, owner of Peanut

Peanuts did just fine! She had very little discomfort and never bothered her stitches in the least. She was up and about as normal almost as soon as we arrived home that day after surgery! he is a very active and happy little girl and continues to be.

I would and have recommended Pets In Stitches because of the professional service and kindness of you, Dr. Rastetter. The facility was very clean and very modern and the reception we received that morning made me quite comfortable to leave Peanut in your care. Obviously you and your assistance love animals and were so gentle and welcoming to Peanut when we came, even though you had never met her! She never even looked back for me when you lovingly took her from me.

The check in was simple and quick and I am enthusiastic about recommending your facility to anyone and everyone!! Thanks for all you do and I hope you are very successful because you deserve to be. Our beloved pets and their loving parents really need such a surgery center to entrust our babies to.

Peanut - Marcia Laning
Marcia Laning, owner of Peanut
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