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Melanie King, owner of Milo

First of all Milo did great. He recovered very quickly & was almost back to himself the same day. He was my 3rd pet to visit Pets in Stitches & you treated him & me wonderfully.

Absolutely 100% YES I would & have recommended your services. I would give you a 10 hands down.

I like the friendliness & compassion of you & your staff members. I’ve received consistent exceptional service all 3 times I’ve been in with my pets. You all are very informative & thorough.

I’m attaching a picture I just took of Milo the other day. If you zoom in on his face you can see his tongue sticking out. 🙂 He is a great cat & we love him to pieces.

Milo - Melanie King
Melanie King, owner of Milo
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