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Michelle Tidwell, owner of Jett

We would definitely recommend Pets in Stitches to anyone. Matter of fact I already have. My sister in law will be bringing in her puppy this summer. Both my husband and I are medical as is my sister in law and all we had to tell her was that we gave your clinic two thumbs up and she was convinced. I think, for the most part, people trust opinions of those that have medical experience because we work in the industry and know what to look for.

We liked your professionalism. Your receptionist was very courteous. She sounded like a genuine pet lover over the phone. She answered all my questions and seemed very informed.

Your clinic was extremely clean and well kept. We really appreciated the care you gave Jett and loved that we could bring him home that afternoon. We appreciated that you yourself, Danielle, gave us the discharge instructions and left no stone unturned. I think your service of emailing daily pictures is a great idea. You can assess the incision on a daily basis and treat any potential problem before anything could get worse.
Your clinic did such a wonderful job for such a reasonable cost and most important our Jett came out from the back wagging his tail. What more could one ask for?

Needless to say we were totally impressed and satisfied. I can’t think of anything that would better our experience.

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Michelle Tidwell, owner of Jett
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