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Monica Rost, owner of Chance, Jackson, Johnnie, and Tater

I chose Pets In Stitches for several reasons: 1. Cost 2. Close to home in case of emergencies after procedures 3. Security of knowing this office will be there for any after surgery questions, compared to a drop off place that only takes animals in once a month and then is gone.

I loved that Pets In Stitches is so informative before, during, and after procedures. I had all my questions answered before going in, and felt comfortable with the staff during surgery knowing my pets were in good hands, and the care instructions were given in detail when I came to pick them up.

I loved that my pets were still being cared for even after I brought them home by the staff calling to check up on each one.

Also, when a question arose weeks later about my cat that had previously been there for surgery, Dr. Rastetter had taken the time to re-examine my cat at no cost to me to make sure if she was alright.

I believe this office and staff is very caring and professional, and I would definitely recommend Pets In Stitches to anyone considering having their pets spayed or neutered.

Monica Rost, owner of Chance, Jackson, Johnnie, and Tater
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