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Paulette Day, pet parent to Tatyana

I have been looking for a local veterinarian for three years that offered the Ovary Sparing Spay procedure and Vasectomies. I contacted Dr. Rastetter with Pets In Stitches as soon I was forwarded her information. I also asked about her through various people and got nothing but high recommendations from everyone. To have these surgeries offered in the Dayton Ohio area is not only progressive, it is a good alternative to sterilization for our dogs.

I am very grateful to Dr. Rastetter and the staff at Pets In Stitches for giving my beloved Tatyana a chance for higher quality of life by reducing the high risk of cancers, pyometra, and anterior cruciate ligament injuries with the Ovary Sparing Spay procedure.

Tatyana from That Photo Studio
Paulette Day, pet parent to Tatyana
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