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Rachel Ha, owner of Cleo

Cleo is doing so well and has really adapted well into her new home. She loves her new brothers, Keebler and Horatio. =)

I chose Pets In Stitches for Cleo’s spay because, strangely, I was really drawn to your website. I believe the look and organization of a website can tell a lot about the particular company and it really seemed to show that you care a lot about what is happening to the over-population of animals, especially cats. Also, the prices you offer with the types of services definitely can’t be beaten!

My experience with Pets In Stitches was wonderful, and I recommend it to any friends or even acquaintances who are getting new pets. I especially loved having someone talk to me after the surgery and really discuss post-surgery care and concerns.

Thanks so much for your services and I wish you and your company the best.

Cleo - Rachel Ha
Rachel Ha, owner of Cleo
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