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Randy Ravenscraft, owner of Axel and Little Boy

I was very happy with everything- service was timely and organized, and everyone was very informative and helpful. I knew just what to do to help Axel recover quickly and safely. In fact I was amazed how quickly she was back to her normal, playful self- in just a few days we couldn’t keep her inside anymore. She was ready to get back out into the world. And she has done great since.

I liked that the hours fit perfectly with my work schedule- I work 10 minutes away, so it worked fine for me to drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the evening. Also, everyone was very friendly and helpful. I knew exactly what to expect after the surgery, and what I needed to do to help Little Boy recover quickly and safely.

Axle - Thomas Hughes 2
Randy Ravenscraft, owner of Axel and Little Boy
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