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Sandy Pennington, owner of Copenhagen

I found your office to be extremely nice, professional and the most important of all, caring!

The idea of a low cost clinic was such a great one! I told myself that if I was in the need to have a pet spayed/neutered I would give my business to you. One of my co-workers actually came to you for their pet to be spayed a couple months before I brought Copenhagen in. We were talking about her new puppy and she mentioned the cost of what their regular veterinarian office was going to charge and I suggested using you. She did and raved about how great everything went.

After our unplanned litter of pups between Copenhagen and Daisy, I knew that I needed to have Copenhagen neutered so we did not have any more un-planned litters. So I decided to use you as well.

I liked absolutely everything. From talking ahead of time on the phone about what was actually going to happen on surgery day, to sending out instructions and papers to have completed when bringing in Copenhagen to speed the process of dropping him off, to picking him up in the afternoon ready to go home with instructions on what to look for and how to take care of him after surgery. Your instructions were so complete and so spot on that I knew every step of his recovery and it happened just as you said it would.

Gosh – I can’t begin to imagine what to improve on. Everything went so smoothly on surgery day. Instructions were complete. There were no surprises.

I could really tell when I came in that morning to drop off Copenhagen that he was in a good place with VERY CARING people. I walked out of your clinic that morning without worrying about my pet. I knew he was in good hands! Copenhagen is doing great and healed very quickly. I have, on numerous occasions, talked about your clinic and the great service we received.

I decided to keep one of the puppies from Copenhagen and Daisy, her name is Sable. She is a beautiful little dog. I will be bringing her in to be spayed sometime this spring, so I will be a repeat customer.

Sandy Pennington, owner of Copenhagen
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