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Susan Verdier, owner of Knucklehead

I have already recommended Pets In Stitches to people that I have rehomed 10 kittens to over the last 15 days. Your service was top notch.

The people are very helpful, caring and knowledgeable, and answered all my questions every time I called them after my pet’s surgery.

The cost of Pets In Stitches services are below that of other veterinarians, however the quality of service you receive is a “cut above.” (Get it?)

My pet had complications that were in no way due to the work the veterinarian performed, but an over excitable 100 pound dog that would not stay still after the procedure caused him troubles.

Dr. Danielle went above and beyond with follow up calls and rechecks on him until he was out of the woods. This is a very caring group of animal loving people.

Knucklehead - Suzan Verdier
Susan Verdier, owner of Knucklehead
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