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Tamara Moden, owner of Rosco, Lucy, and Rosie

This place is much needed due to the number of unwanted, abandoned pets, those who are roaming around, not neutered or spayed, continuing the overwhelming number of animals, mostly stray cats that are either abused, have several types of diseases that can be transmitted to the litter and those they come in contact with.

I had two new lab puppies, five months old, and a male cat who we took in that needed to be spayed and neutered, I tried to contact our new veterinarian but it was going to be 6-8 weeks before we could get them in to be taken care of, so I told my husband, “Chris let’s check out Pets In Stitches.” I contacted the office; the staff was very helpful, informative and friendly.

So, we chose to have all of them done there, one per week, and everything for each pet, Rosco, Lucy, and Rosie all turned out perfect without any complications. The staff offered rabies vaccines and other items they do, and they offered and recommend post-op pain medicine, they were very thorough with the post op care.

One of the staff members called the day after surgery to check on the pet and see if we had any concerns or questions.

It was a smooth, great experience with a much needed facility, low cost and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

I thank you all for your hard work and dedication to a needed cause.

Tamara Moden, owner of Rosco, Lucy, and Rosie
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