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Tom Gluth, owner of Lola

Lola has recovered beautifully.

I would, without doubt or reservation, recommend Pets in Stitches to anybody needing spay/neuter services.

I liked how the spay was a one day affair, which allowed me to only need one day off work. I appreciated the kind, friendly, and caring staff who showed no reservation or fear to a rescued pit bull. I told them she was friendly to people and they trusted my word – something most people won’t do around bully breeds and it made me comfortable and appreciative of their professionalism. I explained how she had been abused, starved, fought, and near death before I found her and stressed that she is very fearful of large dogs. They explained that she wouldn’t be left around other big dogs and detailed her movements and monitoring which was very reassuring.

About 7-10 days post-op I brought her by to have her surgical site examined. The staff was friendly and welcoming about my nervousness and desire to make sure she was doing ok. She also earned the nickname “wiggle butt” on her second visit by the staff (I believe by Dr. Rastetter herself) because of how excited she was to see the staff again.

I’m not sure I see room for improvement – the operation was same day drop off/pick up, her meds were ready and explained clearly to me when I arrived. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly, and prices were good.

Thanks again for the great and successful surgery!

Lola - Tom Gluth (black dog)
Tom Gluth, owner of Lola
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