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Trisha Deck, owner of Mittens and Stripe

Thank you so much for the great care you provide for animals! I appreciate how knowledgeable, professional, and kind you all are. Your love for animals is apparent.

I have been in your office on three different occasions and each time I was given your full attention. This morning, in watching how you interact with pet owners, each person/animal was treated with dignity. Even though it was a busy morning, your office ran like a well-oiled machine with each staff member pitching in and doing their part.

You all have been so helpful to me. I truly appreciate all the advice you have given. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Rastetter and her entire staff for serving our community in this capacity. You all provide an inexpensive option for those wishing to reduce pet overpopulation.

Hopefully one day, all animals needing a home will be able to find one. Thank you for offering your services.

Trisha Deck, owner of Mittens and Stripe
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