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We deeply appreciate the kind words from our many clients and are pleased to share some of them with you… Dr. Danielle Rastetter

Dr. Rastetter photo, founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Your feedback is important to us. Your comments help us grow and continue to provide exceptional service…

...and, as always, I am dedicated to providing affordable spay and neuter services in a professional environment.

Dr. Rastetter, Founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Dr. Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM.

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I felt the staff was very caring and answered my questions thoroughly and didn’t judge me because I needed the lower pricing Pets In Stitches offers. You were even able to catch my cat up on her shots for a great price. I also liked the follow up call to check on Angel.

I have been telling everyone about your office. You do such a great job for a great price and are so good to the animals.

Linda Coffee, owner of Angel
Noodles - Brenda Robinson

We got Noodle an appointment quickly, the whole process was simple. What I appreciated most was how quickly Dr. Rastetter responded to my email when I was concerned about how Noodle’s stitches looked. Also all the information on the Pets In Stitches website helped make the process easy and gave me reassurance about her recovery afterwards.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would definitely give Pets In Stitches a 10. There isn’t anything I would recommend to improve; the staff treated my dog with care and compassion.

Brenda Robinson, owner of Noodles
Eowyn - Kira Fenstermacher

The likelihood that I’d recommend Pets In Stitches is a clear-cut 10/10. It couldn’t have been more convenient time-wise or reasonable where prices are concerned. The website was easy to navigate and answered all of my questions.

I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like, honestly. The staff was so friendly and gave clear instructions regarding drop off, pick up and aftercare. I felt very secure about the whole process; it was nice to know that Eowyn was in such good hands.

My favorite aspects of Pets In Stitches, though, would have to be the reasonable pricing and the immediate availability. I was eager to get my cat spayed as soon as possible, and they made an appointment for her within the week that I called. So convenient!

Kira Fenstermacher, owner of Eowyn
Ernie - Chelsea Crider

We were extremely happy with the quality of care and the low costs that accompanied it. Pets In Stitches was significantly cheaper than the local veterinarian, and after talking with Pets in Stitches, we felt comfortable with our decision to neuter our dog there. We were also able to get inexpensive heartworm medicine and vaccines.

Ernie was well taken care of by a staff that truly has a heart for animals. Even with some complications after surgery (all our hyperactive dog’s doing), Pets In Stitches was always available to see Ernie. When Ernie couldn’t quite relax enough as he should to allow himself to heal, he was quickly seen back and taken care of when he busted his stitches. We had to bring him there three different times after surgery, all at no cost, and they were able to give him the medicine he needed which included anti-inflammatories. It helped drastically with his severe swelling and allowed him to heal properly.

We give Pets In Stitches our highest recommendation, as does Ernie!

Chelsea Crider, owner of Ernie
Michi and Pumpkin - Steve Sassaman

The Pets In Stitches crew took care of my sis’ and me and treated us like their own pets. In a short time we were home with our Dad and life’s never been better!

We went to our PNS appointment paw in paw and it was gr8! Now we are closer than ever!!!

Steve Sassaman, owner of Michi and Pumpkin
Ronan - Chealsie Moore

As soon as we finished the paperwork and walked Ronan in he was greeted with love from the staff. When we picked him up they told us how good he was and how handsome, I am his mom so it’s nice hearing ;). They explained medications and what to look for if there were any issues in terms I could understand.

A few days later they called to check his progress and asked if I had any questions. The veterinarian gave us her email address to contact her with questions 24/7. We did have a question about his incision and emailed her at 10 pm and had a response by 10:30pm.

If we get Ronan a sibling I would not hesitate to bring him there. They all did a wonderful job.

Chealsie Moore, owner of Ronan
Noa - Tamara Smith

I would like to thank all of the Pets In Stitches team for providing excellent, affordable care of my dog. I loved the friendly and clean atmosphere of the center, and I appreciate all of the follow up checks to insure that my beloved pet was doing well after her surgery. My dog is now as healthy and happy as ever, and I owe it all to them!

I would highly recommend Pets in Stitches to my friends and colleagues and give them a 10 out of 10.

The best thing about Pets In Stitches is definitely the affordable services that they provide. But, I was very thankful that the staff pointed out that my dog had a skin infection that I was not aware of and provided me with an affordable treatment. Thank you for helping my dog be as healthy as possible!

I couldn’t think of any way possible for the services to be any better! Keep doing what you do best. Thank you all so much.

Tamara Smith, owner of Noa
Lennox - Paige Walker

Lennie is doing great, she recovered VERY quickly. You and your office made her visit a very pleasant and simple process.

I appreciated the flexible office hours, the pleasant, informative demeanor of the staff and the follow-up made on my pet. The office was very clean and organized. The entire process was just very smooth & uncomplicated!

Paige Walker, owner of Lennox
Blaze and Spooky - Mike Scinto

We brought our two nine month old kittens, Spooky and Blaze to be spayed recently. The hair has grown back and the tiny scars have faded but we felt the need to touch base with you and respond to an inquiry.

You asked us in a survey, as do most good businesses, to see how your services were performed. One of those questions asked about my recommendation of your service to others on a scale of 1-10, worst to best. I would, and have repeatedly, recommended you as a 10 PLUS to colleagues, readers, family and friends. I would not hesitate returning, or telling anyone else to use you.

You asked about our likes or dislikes about the services performed. If I were going in for plastic surgery to repair an injured part of my body, a general practitioner could probably perform the task to some degree. But my choice would be, not a doctor who COULD repair my body but a doctor who does nothing BUT those kinds of repairs. And that’s the reason we chose Pets In Stitches. While almost all veterinarians will spay and neuter, why not go to one who does nothing else and does it with precision? From the first phone call I made with questions until the final “How are your kitties doing?” phone call from the staff, the services were outstanding. Being a worrier by nature I called to check progress and later to ask a post-surgery question when we arrived home. It was as if it was our personal staff! We were kept totally informed and we loved it! And I truly like that you Dr. Rastetter, not staying behind the curtain until “show time” as some veterinarians do, were right there involved in all aspects of our visit.

You asked what you could do to improve your services. You are more than affordable in fees charged, more than knowledgeable and skilled, more than simply caring and more than the total package. So the answer is that there’s nothing you could do to serve better. You are simply the best! And we thank you, as do Spooky and Blaze!

These feelings are sincere (and I am known for NOT sugarcoating or playing to emotions) and from inside.

Mike and Kathy Scinto, owner of Spooky and Blaze
Knucklehead - Suzan Verdier

I have already recommended Pets In Stitches to people that I have rehomed 10 kittens to over the last 15 days. Your service was top notch.

The people are very helpful, caring and knowledgeable, and answered all my questions every time I called them after my pet’s surgery.

The cost of Pets In Stitches services are below that of other veterinarians, however the quality of service you receive is a “cut above.” (Get it?)

My pet had complications that were in no way due to the work the veterinarian performed, but an over excitable 100 pound dog that would not stay still after the procedure caused him troubles.

Dr. Danielle went above and beyond with follow up calls and rechecks on him until he was out of the woods. This is a very caring group of animal loving people.

Susan Verdier, owner of Knucklehead
Shadow - Sarah Anderson

Shadow never stopped for a second after his surgery :-). He is all puppy, but at least now we know he won’t be trying to make any puppies.

Not only would I ABSOLUTELY recommend Pets In Stitches to a friend, I already have. Any time a friend gets a new pet, I make sure to send them to Pets In Stitches. Dr. Rastetter is an amazing veterinarian and has not only treated the dogs in our dog rescue, but also one of the few vets I trust to care for my own dog.

Pets In Stitches provides low cost procedures but there is nothing small about the care that my pet received. The super friendly staff treated my pet like their own. They were super attentive to my puppy, and it was reassuring to know they were easy to get a hold of after the procedure when I had questions. Being able to download and fill out all the paperwork ahead of time made drop off very easy.

Sarah Anderson, owner of Shadow
Valerie - Sarah Denny

Thank you for taking such good care of her while Valerie was in surgery with you and for your continued concern for her well-being after the fact. She recovered quickly and has been doing great ever since. I would definitely recommend Pets In Stitches to anyone needing your services.

I don’t know how the services could have been better. Valerie is our first pet and you made everything go so smoothly that I had, and still have, total confidence in your ability and desire to care for her. You and your staff did a great job!

Thank you for checking back with us about her recovery; that means a lot.

Sarah Denny, owner of Valerie

I would definitely recommend Pets In Stitches to a friend as a definite 10. Excellent service and follow up at a reasonable price. Great staff and Ozlo came home like nothing happened in great shape with no other issues going forward.

Great staff, very courteous and informed me of the entire process and what to expect. Good follow through making sure Ozlo was doing OK. I still have the Dog Is Good decal in my office.

We had a great experience, pricing was very good, and staff was exceptional. Thanks for all you did to make this a good experience for Ozlo and us. Good luck with your practice going forward and I will recommend whenever I can.

Kenneth O. McNerney, owner of Ozlo
Josie - Kelly Gibson

I would rate Pets in Stitches at an absolute 10. I have already recommended Pets in Stitches to several people.

The service and care that Josie received was excellent, not to mention it was half the price that my regular veterinarian charges.

I liked everything about the services, the prompt availability of the appointments, the ease of scheduling online, and the friendliness of the staff. The staff keeps you well informed before and after your pet’s procedure.

Josie was back to her regular self in just a few days and healed great. Thank you for taking such great care of Josie!

Kelly Gibson, owner of Josie
Duncan McCloud (JJ) - Karen Prater

I have recommended you to a couple of people I know because they cannot afford to pay the full price of their regular veterinarian. With money being so tight these days you want your pet to have the best care and you make that possible. Thank you.

I was very happy with your services, when Duncan had a swelling problem after surgery you got me in immediately and took care of him. You gave me more information about the surgery than another veterinarian has done in the past which made me feel more comfortable about it. I was very glad that Duncan got all his shots and chip done at the same time.

I wish that I could bring Duncan in for all his regular shots because they are much more affordable than the regular veterinarian’s office.

I hope that your business continues to grow. You have been Duncan’s regular veterinarian at MVAH since the day I got him, I appreciate the attention and kindness you have shown him.

Karen Prater, owner of Duncan
Oz - Rollin McIntosh

Pets In Stitches is a one stop shop, you can get shots, spay/ neuter, heart worm test, and microchip in one day not multiple appointments like at the normal veterinarian’s office.

Pets In Stitches was a cheap, no hassle way to take care of my dog and become a responsible pet owner.

Rollin McIntosh, owner of Oz
Molly-leaves - Jennifer Gantner

I chose Pets In Stitches because they are a very modern, efficient clinic that specializes in spay and neuter. I was impressed by their equipment, especially anesthesia, and their overall setup.

Secondly, my regular veterinarian’s office quoted a price that was double what Pets in Stitches charged. I appreciated that all prices were listed clearly on their web site and that I was not going to be surprised when I got the bill.

I was very pleased by the smooth and efficient intake, and the kindness of the staff. The after care instructions were clear and specific. My corgi has recovered beautifully from her spay with zero complications.

I recommend Pets In Stitches to everyone, including random strangers with obviously unaltered dogs. 🙂

Thanks again for the great job, your excellent staff, and good prices. It saved us about $250-300 on her spay.

Jennifer Gantner, owner of Molly
Marvel-Titan-Colt - Dee Worley

We went to Pets In Stitches to have three kittens that we were fostering neutered and their last set of shots given. We paid less for these services, on all three cats, at Pets In Stitches than it would have cost at the vet for one cat.

The staff at Pets In Stitches is wonderful. They were able to get all three of our kittens in for surgery on the same day. They explained everything up front (no hidden fees).

They answered all of our questions when we picked the kittens up. Took great care of our babies. One stop shopping at a great price!

Thanks for the GREAT job that you are doing! Also, we have attached a picture of our bird watcher club, Marvel, Titan & Colt, working hard.

Dee Worley, owner of Marvel, Titan and Colt
Rowdy _ Kathy Fulton

Both Rowdy and Whiskers were stray kittens we had been feeding and trying to find homes for. They came to the age where we needed to spay them for their safety and health. The county Humane Society referred me to Pets In Stitches. Since they were strays the low cost program was very attractive and we could get them in right away.

The facility is very nice, professional, and clean. The staff was very helpful and caring. I felt good about leaving them there. They were very patient with me when I had questions and concerns and helped me work through those. The Pets In Stitches website is also very informative and professional looking

I would definitely utilize your services again. Thanks for taking good care of Rowdy and Whiskers.

Kathy Fulton, owner of Rowdy and Whiskers
Bailey - Shirley Train

Dr. Sue does not perform surgery, so she recommended you. I trust her judgment!

You were very organized, and efficient; I appreciated knowing the charges in advance and knowing what I would need to purchase before I arrived.

You were very accommodating, friendly and helpful.

Shirley Train, owner of Bailey
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