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We deeply appreciate the kind words from our many clients and are pleased to share some of them with you… Dr. Danielle Rastetter

Dr. Rastetter photo, founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Your feedback is important to us. Your comments help us grow and continue to provide exceptional service…

...and, as always, I am dedicated to providing affordable spay and neuter services in a professional environment.

Dr. Rastetter, Founder Pets In Stitches Spay and Neuter Clinic

Dr. Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM.

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Maggie - Cris Shaw

I chose to use Pets In Stitches because you were highly recommended by Doctor Linda Downs.

I was very happy with the service and care that Maggie received while in your hands. Your staff was very nice and happily answered any questions that I had. I also appreciated the follow-up call to check on Maggie.

I feel your service is great and as far as I am concerned you do not need to make any improvements.

Maggie is doing well and is now going to school with me three days a week to spend time with our students.

Cris Shaw, owner of Maggie
Boomer - Carson Deck

I chose Pets in Stitches because of the value they provide and the specialized veterinary care my dog would receive. I liked that Pets In Stitches seemed to really care about Boomer the moment we walked in the door.

Days after the surgery, the friendly office staff made several follow up calls to make sure he was recovering comfortably and well. All of the staff members at Pets In Stitches are professional and caring.

I would recommend Pets In Stitches to anyone that is looking for a high value, professional clinic to take their pet to be spayed or neutered.

Thank you for helping Boomer!

Carson and Lindsey Deck, owner of Boomer
Tyga - Amy Brodbeck

I chose Pets in Stitches because it was conveniently located close to my home, there were several times and days to choose from, the price was reasonable and the staff was very friendly and knowledgeable.

The staff informed our family of the effects of the pain medication on my kitten after surgery, and what to expect. They were there if we needed to call after hours if we had any questions, and called us the next day to check on Tyga.

She is our pride and joy, although she would say our dog is her pride and joy. Here she is for all the world to see.

Thank you and your staff for your professionalism and kindness.

Amy Brodbeck, owner of Tyga
Henry and Princess - Charlotte Lenhard

It is our privilege and honor to write a testimonial regarding our experience with Pets In Stitches. Danielle (Dr. Rastetter) has an invaluable depth of knowledge and professionalism and her staff goes out of their way to make an otherwise stressful time a little more bearable. We have total confidence in her and her staff.

It’s a very good feeling, to have that peace of mind, knowing you have someone you can trust in and depend on for your pet’s needs. This is not an empty gesture, but rather a statement based on our experience and the excellent care our pups received.

Rick and Charlotte Lenhard, owner of Henry and Princess
Calypso - Bonnie Adams Brestelli

Everyone was very friendly and Dr. Rastetter came in on her day off to take a look at Calypso because I was worried.

I wish Pets In Stitches offered a full vaccination service. The service and caring here is much better and more reasonably priced than any of the area vets. It is horrible to have to decide between medical care for your pet and paying your bills.

Bonnie Adams Brestelli, owner of Calypso
Penelope - Anna Schlotterbeck

I loved that I could drop Penelope off in the morning before work and pick her up the same evening. All of the staff that I encountered were very friendly and helpful.

Dr. Rastetter went over post-op instructions with me one-on-one when I came to pick her up. I felt confident that I knew what to look for in the days after surgery. Luckily, the surgery went fine for Penelope; she healed very quickly and is back to her playful self.

Our experience was a great one. I can’t think of anything that could have been done differently to improve it.

Anna Schlotterbeck, owner of Penelope
Boone - Georgia Balsom

I would highly recommend your business again and again – professional and great results.

Georgia Balsom, owner of Boone
Razen - Leslie Moorman

Absolutely I give you guys a 10 & I’ll definitely recommend you to everyone! I think what you’ve done for the animals is so important. It makes owners feel that they can afford to do the right thing for their pets.

What I appreciated the most was the fact that Dr Rastetter made herself available to us when we came in. She answered our questions, and calmed our fears. The staff was knowledgeable & courteous…I loved the fact that they see hundreds of animals but could make me feel like my baby was the cutest thing they’ve ever seen!

Can’t imagine what could’ve made our visit better…even our discharge was informative. When we left, we still felt that you would be easily accessible if we needed you.

Leslie Moorman, owner of Razen
Diego - Janet Smith

My veterinarian, Dr. Linda Downs, recommended your services – she is a veterinarian who calls on animals in the home. Diego was a stray who was marking his territory in my house. My vet recommended Pets in Stitches for his neutering and then to confine him for two weeks after to ensure his hormone levels were down. She indicated that would most likely alleviate his marking problem and he would use his litterbox exclusively – and it worked!

It was fast and safe. Even though it is a low-cost option, I did not feel like Diego was in an assembly line environment. The veterinarian herself took him back from the front desk.

Janet Smith, owner of Diego
Lil Red Janette Dywasuk

My vet, Dr. Sue in Bellbrook, referred me to your clinic to get my puppy neutered. She said Pets In Stitches did a great job and was affordable.

I liked the fact that the service went exactly as expected and my puppy recovered just fine!

A picture of my adorable Lil Red is attached!

Janette Dywasuk, owner of Lil Red
Hayden - Lauren Blake

It’s been a little over a month since surgery, Hayden had such a rocky road (and so did I) but I will recommend Pets In Stitches to everyone I know from here on out! There were so many things that could have gone wrong had I gone somewhere else that was less willing to commit to Hayden’s well being. Not only did they take great care of the issues with Hayden (including coming in on Thanksgiving weekend) but they handled my follow-up concerns with speed and sensitivity!

Coming in on a holiday weekend and dealing with my various calls and questions made a very stressful situation significantly easier to deal with knowing that I had constant access to support. I can’t think of any reason to trust my dogs to anyone else!Pets In Stitches is steps above all other places I have gone! There is NOTHING better than somewhere that treats your pets like their own!

Thanks so much!

Laura Blake, owner of Hayden
Lola - Tom Gluth (black dog)

Lola has recovered beautifully.

I would, without doubt or reservation, recommend Pets in Stitches to anybody needing spay/neuter services.

I liked how the spay was a one day affair, which allowed me to only need one day off work. I appreciated the kind, friendly, and caring staff who showed no reservation or fear to a rescued pit bull. I told them she was friendly to people and they trusted my word – something most people won’t do around bully breeds and it made me comfortable and appreciative of their professionalism. I explained how she had been abused, starved, fought, and near death before I found her and stressed that she is very fearful of large dogs. They explained that she wouldn’t be left around other big dogs and detailed her movements and monitoring which was very reassuring.

About 7-10 days post-op I brought her by to have her surgical site examined. The staff was friendly and welcoming about my nervousness and desire to make sure she was doing ok. She also earned the nickname “wiggle butt” on her second visit by the staff (I believe by Dr. Rastetter herself) because of how excited she was to see the staff again.

I’m not sure I see room for improvement – the operation was same day drop off/pick up, her meds were ready and explained clearly to me when I arrived. The staff was very knowledgeable and friendly, and prices were good.

Thanks again for the great and successful surgery!

Tom Gluth, owner of Lola
Bella - Kyle Herman

Thank you Dr. Rastetter for asking about Bella, she is doing great and she is back to being very active. I would give Pets In Stitches a 10, but would like to give you higher than that!

Bella, Kelli and I appreciated your attention to detail and your communication about the leakage coming from Bella’s incision. It was relaxing to have a Doctor who cared enough about our dog and kept us in the loop about Bella’s status and how she was doing.

Dr. Rastetter truly cares about your pet and she even comes out to answer any questions or concerns you may have when you pick your dog up after their surgery. We also liked the fact that we could email or call if we had any questions or worries about Bella, and we received a response very fast!

I think your service is great and we will bring any future dogs we have to Pets In Stitches!

Kyle Herman, owner of Bella
Lilly - Beth Ferrin

Dr. Sue recommended Pets In Stitches as a low-cost but HIGHLY qualified facility. She also indicated that you had some of the newest equipment available.

Pets In Stitches was very professional and did a great job! I was able to drop Lilly off on the way to work and pick her up that afternoon. They gave me all of the information I needed and called later to check up.

I appreciated the timely service and kind staff.

Beth Ferrin, owner of Lilly
Jasper - Mark Hiney

We liked the location because it was close to home so we called and reasonably priced, and sounded like you would take good care of our dog.

You guys were awesome! Making sure we knew what to do after and at home, calling us to check on him that surprised me. I thought it was very nice.

I feel like you took great care of Jasper. My family appreciated it very much thank you

Mike Hiney, owner of Jasper
Henry and Walter - Nancy Jones

Pets In Stitches has state of the art equipment and care. I only wanted the best for my dogs and I felt my dogs were getting the best treatment at Pets In Stitches. The staff was very caring and welcoming. I was relieved they were treated as patients not as work.

I was very excited about the extra services that were offered to me while my dogs were there. I had their nails clipped & ears cleaned and I felt it was a great value. I have never seen dogs’ ears as clean as they were returned to me, best choice I ever made.

Nancy Jones, owner of Henry and Walter
Cleo - Rachel Ha

Cleo is doing so well and has really adapted well into her new home. She loves her new brothers, Keebler and Horatio. =)

I chose Pets In Stitches for Cleo’s spay because, strangely, I was really drawn to your website. I believe the look and organization of a website can tell a lot about the particular company and it really seemed to show that you care a lot about what is happening to the over-population of animals, especially cats. Also, the prices you offer with the types of services definitely can’t be beaten!

My experience with Pets In Stitches was wonderful, and I recommend it to any friends or even acquaintances who are getting new pets. I especially loved having someone talk to me after the surgery and really discuss post-surgery care and concerns.

Thanks so much for your services and I wish you and your company the best.

Rachel Ha, owner of Cleo
Snickers (male) and Abby brown one (female) - Tonya Sanders

I chose Pets In Stitches because I have two Pomeranians brother and sister and I needed some place that wouldn’t cost me a fortune to have them spayed and neutered

The prices were very reasonable and the service was excellent. What I paid for both my babies to be spayed & neutered, seven teeth pulled, medicines and e-collar for both was a lot less expensive than what I was quoted just to have my babies fixed at another local vet.

The quality of care was actually better and more personable than I’ve found anywhere else in this area. They treated my babies as if they were their own.

The service was extraordinary. The doctors talked to me before and afterward and they explained everything to me in detail. I told them these are not just my dogs they are my babies and that I was petrified about them being put to sleep; they reassured me they would be fine. The receptionist told me I could call as many times as I wanted to check on my babies.

When I picked up my babies that afternoon they were very sleepy but very comfortable, their incisions looked excellent.

I was so impressed with the service, quality of their surgeries, and the caring staff. I have told everyone about Pets in Stitches.

Tonya Sanders, owner of Abby and Snickers
Frank - Lindsay Carter

After looking at your Facebook page and seeing pictures of how clean and welcoming your facility is, I decided to use Pets In Stitches.

Your prices are way more affordable than any of the local veterinarians in my area. I liked that staff was friendly and explained follow up care thoroughly before I left.

I liked that I was able to drop Frank off before work and then pick him up and bring him home the very same day.

Lindsay Carter, owner of Frank
Marley - Carey Smith

Good value! Much cheaper than all other clinics I called. Bright and clean facility.

Marley seemed happy when I left her and when I picked her up.

She did very well after surgery and recovered quickly.


Carey Smith, owner of Marley and Rocco
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