for Dogs

A brown and white dog running through the snow with his tongue sticking out

Carey Dunn

Owner of Spot

I have used Pets In Stitches three times in the past. Cat and dogs, both male and female. I spread the word about your services often Dr. Rastetter ROCKS! Your business is very affordable, informative, convenient, extremely clean, and most of all the altering servives are impressive. All 3 of my pets surgery sites were done cleanly and with minimal scarring. I have come across some female dogs that have huge sloppy incisions that take longer to heal. The incision/scar on my female dog was so small, cleanly done, and healed perfectly. I like that your service is exclusive. My pets aren’t around sick, hurt, or boarded dogs as they would be at the traditional vet office. Attaching picture of a perfectly healed Spot.

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