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Beatrice White, foster

Aurora is doing wonderfully! She’s been adopted to a great family who spoils her. The whole family showed up at their parents’ house to meet her and fell in love. She enjoys nap time on her new daddy’s lap. They’ve renamed her Peaches, but I won’t hold that against them. Every holiday season, the entire family takes their pets to a professional photographer and gets photos of them for x-mas cards, which I insisted on getting. ^_^

I can’t say there was anything I disliked about the experience; except for Aurora letting me pet her for a minute and then hiding over and over when we brought her home that day. She sure didn’t want to go back!

There isn’t anything I can think of to tell you to change. you are all wonderful. and I really appreciate what you do with the VIP clinic at Pet Supplies Plus as well.

Thank you for everything you do for blue’s mews cat rescue! =^_^=

Aurora - Beatrice White
Beatrice White, fosterAurora
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