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Dawn Bucy, pet parent to D.C.

Your service was exemplary.

We rescued a cat that was thrown out by a neighbor. I was completely overwhelmed taking in D.C. It was not in our budget to take him in. Taking on another mouth to feed and yet more responsibility for me completely overwhelmed me and the stress was huge, I was in tears everyday. Wondering how to set an example to my children regarding our responsibility toward animals and how I could possible take on another pet and another huge expense, seemed way to much at the time and really affected me.

One of your employees really took the time twice to talk to me at length and help me get through that very difficult first week with D.C. She said all the right things, addressing my emotions regarding D.C., and she also talked to me at length about cat care, behavior and needs. I have never had a cat and knew nothing about them which also added to my stress.

I am overjoyed to say now that D.C has settled in purr-fectly and we love him dearly.

Dawn Bucy, pet parent to D.C.
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