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Jane Updegraff, owner of Fluffheart and Midnight

You were very up front about the price and extent of services for both of the cats and didn’t pester me to buy services that I had already decided that I didn’t need. I appreciated that. In addition, your services were very affordable.

One of the cats I brought to you was a free-roaming cat and you enabled me to help him to feel more comfortable hanging around at my house during the cold weather. He may want to roam again in the spring but at least he feels OK here for now.

I was perfectly satisfied with the services you provided and the price for those services. I already have recommended you to my friends.

Don’t let Fluffheart fool you, she might look angry, but she is having a blast in the picture.

Thanks for doing what you do.

Fluffheart and Midnight - Jane Updegraff
Jane Updegraff, owner of Fluffheart and Midnight
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