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Jennifer Gantner, owner of Molly

I chose Pets In Stitches because they are a very modern, efficient clinic that specializes in spay and neuter. I was impressed by their equipment, especially anesthesia, and their overall setup.

Secondly, my regular veterinarian’s office quoted a price that was double what Pets in Stitches charged. I appreciated that all prices were listed clearly on their web site and that I was not going to be surprised when I got the bill.

I was very pleased by the smooth and efficient intake, and the kindness of the staff. The after care instructions were clear and specific. My corgi has recovered beautifully from her spay with zero complications.

I recommend Pets In Stitches to everyone, including random strangers with obviously unaltered dogs. 🙂

Thanks again for the great job, your excellent staff, and good prices. It saved us about $250-300 on her spay.

Molly-leaves - Jennifer Gantner
Jennifer Gantner, owner of Molly
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