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Kira Fenstermacher, owner of Eowyn

The likelihood that I’d recommend Pets In Stitches is a clear-cut 10/10. It couldn’t have been more convenient time-wise or reasonable where prices are concerned. The website was easy to navigate and answered all of my questions.

I can’t think of anything that I didn’t like, honestly. The staff was so friendly and gave clear instructions regarding drop off, pick up and aftercare. I felt very secure about the whole process; it was nice to know that Eowyn was in such good hands.

My favorite aspects of Pets In Stitches, though, would have to be the reasonable pricing and the immediate availability. I was eager to get my cat spayed as soon as possible, and they made an appointment for her within the week that I called. So convenient!

Eowyn - Kira Fenstermacher
Kira Fenstermacher, owner of Eowyn
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