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Melanie King, owner of Mila

Mila is doing GREAT! She seems to have fully recovered & all of her fur has since grown back in. You can’t even tell she had anything done. šŸ™‚ And she is just as feisty as ever too!

The whole experience was great!

The people at Pets In Stitches were VERY, VERY friendly & VERY helpful throughout the whole process. They were truly concerned about my kitten & were very thorough & helpful with explaining the process before & after surgery. When we came to pick our Mila up, the veterinarian, Dr. Rastetter, brought her out to us & sat down to explain how the surgery went & her concerns. She then explained the recovery process very thoroughly. I knew that I had left Mila in the best care possible & she has since recovered fully & is back to her feisty self.

Honestly, I have no suggestions for improvement. You all were great! Thank you!

Mila - Melanie King
Melanie King, owner of Mila
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