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Quyen Huynh, owner of Peaches

Before I made an appointment with Pets In Stitches, I visited their website and was very impressed by their services and affordable prices. When I called the office, the receptionist was very friendly and helpful so I knew that my dog would be in great care.

The veterinarian and veterinary technician seemed very knowledgeable and caring towards my dog so I felt very comfortable leaving her in their care.

After the procedure, I was given a thorough explanation of what to expect and how to care for my dog, which was very helpful. I thought it was really thoughtful of the office to call and check on my dog after her operation. They not only called once, but multiple times–I don’t even get that great of service from my doctor.

Overall, the facility was nice and the staff was fantastic.

Whenever I get another pet that needs to be spayed/neutered, I will definitely go back to Pets In Stitches.

Quyen Huynh, owner of Peaches
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