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Tamara and Richard Lesley, owner of Tawny

I want to thank you for being so warm and friendly when we first came into Pets In Stitches to have Tawny spayed.

I would give your facility a 10 plus for the friendliest and cleanest environment that makes you feel comfortable enough to leave your pet for surgery. Your prices are more than fair and less expensive than all the veterinarians that I contacted. Your staff was very caring and friendly to Tawny who was a little apprehensive when we first walked in.

I was surprised that you, Dr. Rastetter, personally came out and met Tawny and made us feel very comfortable that she was in your care. You even took her back to the operating room which I found very comforting.

I was surprised that she walked out so easily and didn’t appear to be in pain. I was also relieved that you sent her home with pain pills so she wouldn’t suffer from any pain after surgery.

We gave her one half pain pill as prescribed and she never acted as if she was in pain. I was very happy with her recovery as it only took her about four or five days to be back to her normal self. She healed quite quickly and her sutures were placed very nicely with a very small incision that really surprised me.

I don’t think there is anything you could do to improve your facility or your ability to care so perfectly for our pets who are really our family members. The staff was very kind and caring. I felt very comfortable with leaving Tawny with you and was thrilled when she healed so quickly. I was very satisfied with your care and treatment of Tawny.

Thank you so much for calling and checking on her progress and for the wonderful care that you gave her while she was in your care.

Tamara and Richard Lesley, owner of Tawny
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