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We are proud of our staff for their high standards of professionalism, their experience, and their sincere concern for animals. We invite you to meet them below.

Danielle N. Rastetter, DVM

Chief Veterinarian and Owner
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Dr. Rastetter earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Hiram College and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the Ohio State University. She is a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Ohio Veterinary Medical Association, Miami Valley Veterinary Medical Association, and the Association of Medical Professionals with Hearing Losses. Dr. Rastetter has over two decades in veterinary medicine including nine years working in the field of shelter medicine. Since 2017, she has been part of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine application review team. Dr. Rastetter was honored to be able to volunteer her services in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005 through multiple avenues both locally and at a temporary shelter near the disaster area. Her very active household consists of two sons and an often fluctuating number of dogs and cats.

Education is a passion of Dr. Rastetter’s – not only for clients but also for her colleagues. As such, Dr. Rastetter is an Adjunct Professor for Sinclair Community College’s Veterinary Technology Program. Other veterinarians have also spent time at Pets In Stitches to learn her surgical techniques.

Dr. Rastetter established Pets In Stitches after recognizing the community’s need for affordable surgical services. Dr. Rastetter is passionate about reducing the pet overpopulation crisis, pain management, shelter and disaster medicine, and client education. Few veterinarians have her level of spay and neuter experience and enthusiasm.


Sarah Hussong, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician
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Choosing a career in animal care was easy for Sarah. For years, her family actively fostered for a local shelter and inspired her love of animals. She began working at the same shelter in 2000 and held many positions during her nine years including animal care technician, adoption counselor, veterinary assistant, foster, and trainer. Sarah was especially drawn to training and behavior modification to help dogs on the adoption floor become well-mannered and ready for their fur-ever homes. In 2009, she had the exciting opportunity to travel out of state to work with Service Dogs and Urban Search and Rescue which was incredibly rewarding for Sarah. Sarah earned her Veterinary Technician degree in 2016.

Since helping the animals in our community is important to Sarah, she sought her position as Registered Veterinary Technician with Pets In Stitches. Sarah believes that affordable spay and neuter combined with community education is crucial to decreasing the number of pets in shelters and euthanized.

Sarah currently resided with 2 four-legged pointy ear dogs and 2 two-legged daughters that keep her busy and happy.

Brittany Scott, RVT

Registered Veterinary Technician
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Brittany began working at a young age which helped to develop a strong work ethic and a sound understanding of the relationship between goals, application, and outcomes. From the age of sixteen to the age of twenty-four, she worked for the McDonalds Corporation. During her employment at McDonalds she held many positions, but most recently she was Assistant Manager running day-to-day operations. In August of 2018, Brittany made the decision to part ways with McDonalds to pursue a career path change.


Going through experiences with Brittany’s own pets impacted her and gave her the determination and passion to learn more about veterinary medicine. In 2017, Brittany confronted euthanizing two of her pets within the span of four months of one another and then again with another pet two years later. In those moments, it was hard for Brittany to grasp and understand why she had to say goodbye. The human-animal bond her pets and she shared was real and special. Once Brittany fully understood the true meaning of the quality of life a pet has versus the quantity of time one has with their pet, she realized she had to learn about this amazing field of study. Brittany wanted to understand the intricacies of veterinary medicine, to help both animals and their owners experience a better quality of life. 


Brittany was very eager to learn new skills regarding animal medicine and animal health and thirsted for the opportunity to work with others who share the same interests in animal care. She recently graduated from Sinclair Community College with an Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology and chose to work at Pets In Stitches after her positive experience as a preceptor during school.


Brittany enjoys spending time with her son, fiancé, family, and fur babies Roxy and Smokey.


Trinity Hemmerich, VT

Lead Veterinary Assistant
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Trinity has always loved animals and knew she wanted to dedicate her life to caring for them. As a child, Trinity had many pets including dogs, cats, and rabbits. She studied Animal Care Management at Miami Valley Career Technology Center and worked at a spa for animals during and after high school. Trinity received her associates degree as a veterinary technician from Sinclair Community College.

Trinity is engaged to her high school sweetheart. They are proud parents of a fun, loving, rescue dog named Scout whom they adopted him from the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center. Trinity’s dream is to own a house with a lot of land so she can care for more pets including horses.


Sophia Castro

Veterinary Assistant
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Sophia earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in biology with a concentration in Environmental conservation from Wilmington College. During her college years, Sophia traveled to Thailand to volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park, Animal Rescue Kingdom and the Tiger Kingdom. She hopes to return one day to continue her volunteer work. During this time, Sophia learned about positive reinforcement training when working with exotic animals. Her favorite memory was at the Elephant Nature Park where she met her hero and the sanctuary’s founder, Lek Chailert.

Sophia is an avid volunteer at the Clinton County Humane Society for almost two decades. Through this volunteer work, Sophia realized her passion for animal rehabilitation and community outreach. Matilda (pictured on the left) and Frida (pictured on the right) were both rescued a decade ago from the Clinton County Humane Society.  Frida is named after the Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, who suffered from a bus accident that broke her back, legs, and pelvis. Both Fridas were never expected to walk again but both prevailed!

Sophia enjoys camping, working with animals, and collecting crystals and fossils. She plans to continue working with animals and eventually open her own rescue and rehabilitation center.


Rebecca Strider

Veterinary Assistant
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Becca recently graduated with a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the Ohio Wesleyan University.

During college, Becca studied numerous animals both inside and outside of the classroom. She studied abroad for 18 weeks in Monteverde Costa Rica and Mérida Mexico in the fall of 2019. There she was given the opportunity to experience the tropical environment first-hand as well as observe several animals not seen in the United States. 

Becca has always loved interacting with animals. She lives with two dogs and cats who were rescued. Monie (right) has been with Becca for almost seven years and Chloe (left) was adopted in December of 2020. She’s known around Pets In Stitches as the prankster!

Connor Fischbach

Veterinary Assistant
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Connor has been working with animals for a few years now. Her breadth of experience encompasses working in shelters, kennels, and veterinary clinics. She loves what she does and is always excited to help an animal in need.

Connor has two dogs of her own, a spunky border collie Australian Shepard mix and a lazy pit bull!


Brittany Jones

Lead Customer Service Representative
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Throughout the years, Brittany has provided foster care to countless dogs placed on the euthanasia list from various shelters around the Columbus area. When she returned to Dayton, she partnered with local rescues to socialize special needs dogs. Brittany loves to sew and made hundreds of dog beds and chew toys that are sent with these dogs to their foster homes.

Environmental responsibility is important to Brittany. She works hard to achieve a zero-waste lifestyle and is very passionate about recycling. Brittany dreams of building herself an Earth Ship home out of 100% recycled materials with renewable resources!

Little Girl (nicknamed “Granny,” pictured here) has been with her since she was a junior high school student.  Granny was rescued from a deep snowbank and the two have been bonded for 20 years and counting.

Brittany is also a mother of two active teenage boys.  She is a musician, an artist, and is continually seeking new ways to use her talents to help her community.


Deb Johnson

Customer Service Representative
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Deb grew up near a large pine forest and land with a creek where she explored every summer as a child. She learned to love nature, plants, and animals. This led to her love of biology, and finally to her study of pharmacy at Ohio Northern University. There, she met her husband Mark, and they were married in 1991. After 20+ years as a retail community pharmacist in the Dayton area, Deb decided to retire and do the stay-at-home mom thing for awhile. She has two sons who are now grown and in college.

Deb is a self-proclaimed “Dog Freak”, and will never pass up the chance to meet and pet a dog! She has had five dogs over the course of her life, two cats, two hamsters, many fish, and a guinea pig. Her dream job would be to run a doggy daycare. However, Deb has found her niche at Pets In Stitches where she can utilize her customer service skills and also nurture her love of animals.

Debbie Weisman

Customer Service Representative
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Debbie has worked in customer service for over 30 years. She loves making sure people are taken care of and has been a caregiver her entire life.

Debbie has always had animals in her life be they dogs, cats, and rabbits. When her children were young, she rescued animals as well. two New she has two cats of her own to brighten her home. Her older girl, Gracie, is 12 years old and her newest baby, Raya, who is still a kitten. They are like her kids as well!


Kaye Earnhardt

Disease Control Aide
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Kaye’s love for animals started when she was a little girl. Her household was filled with mice, birds, fish, and a special gerbil names Elton. Kay was in the second grade when she adopted her first kitten and she hasn’t been without a cat since then!

She has worked with animals for over sixteen years. She fostered many kittens and adopted what she lovingly calls “Kaye’s Krew” which consisted of nine cats and three dogs. Sadly, she now only has three of that “krew” left.

A few years ago, she was busy caring for cat strays in her neighborhood including spaying and neutering them before adoption. The few cats that remained from this colony managed to snuggle their way into her heart and home!

Come. Stay. Heal.

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