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Inside Pets In Stiches

Welcome, friends! We’d love to show you around our state-of-the-art clinic. Come visit Pets In Stitches and bring your school, scouting, or organization with you. We’ll give you the full tour and share our process of spaying and neutering. Until you can make it out here for a visit, join us for a virtual tour of our space!

Come On In

We’re in the Southland 75 Shopping Center (just off I-75, near the Dayton Mall). Our passionate team is ready to welcome you with caring hearts. Before you stop by, get to know us and check out some of our trusted partners.

Friendly Front Desk

When you arrive, we’ll greet you and your pet in our reception area and review your admission paperwork. Make sure that the adult owner of your pet is present unless you’ve already made arrangements with Pets In Stitches.

Meet and Greet

Our team ensures that you and your pet are met in a friendly environment while you get checked in and go through the admission process. If you come prepared with your admission forms completed, it’ll only take a few minutes! Either way, your pet will receive lots of love and affection while they wait.

Dr. Rastetter Meets Your Pet

We’ll do a quick checkup to make sure your pet is ready for surgery. If there are any concerns or signs of illness, we may postpone surgery in the best interest of your pet. Our team will contact you to pick them up and reschedule.

All Sizes Welcome

No need to worry about whether we can handle your pet or not. We have the equipment needed to handle pets of all sizes. If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Extra Care

We make sure that each pet receives the specialized care they need. Here, Nugget is enjoying additional heat support since he is small and thin.

Bed Jet Blanket

Our bed jet blanket is attached to the bed jet machine. This blows warm air through the blanket to keep patients cozy and toasty.

Clean and Safe

All pets have their own clean “suite for a day” to snuggle in during their stay. Talk about superstar status. Here, Drumm is playing while he waits his turn for surgery.

Minimizing Dog Bark Echos

Our dog ward has soundproofing in the walls and ceiling to help turn down the volume and turn up the comfort.

Multi-purpose Area

This is our multi-purpose area for laboratory, pharmacy, and preparing surgery packs. We sterilize surgical packs with the largest tabletop autoclave available, ensuring our surgeons have everything they need to perform a safe and efficient surgery on your pet.

The Surgery Suite

The Surgery Suite is a special clean room dedicated to spaying or neutering. You can rest assured knowing that your pet will receive expert care during their surgery.

Surgery Tables

Each surgery table is fully equipped with a heated surface, individual lights, anesthetic system, and vitals monitors. A typical surgery will only take 5-20 minutes and the whole time your pet will be completely safe and monitored both by our staff and vitals machines.

Individual Medical Trays

We make sure your pet gets exactly the right medicines and vaccines they need by providing a separate medical tray for each pet. We take the extra step of giving every pet regional pain blocks to decrease discomfort.

Fluid Pumps

Our fluid pumps allow us to precisely regulate a patient’s supportive fluids. Most practices count drops, which is notoriously inaccurate and can be harmful to patients because it can create too much or too little fluid support.

Syringe Pumps

We use syringe pumps that allow us to provide constant rate infusions of pain medication during prolonged procedures, after procedures, and for critical patients that may not tolerate traditional one-and-done drugs. This is a big advantage to our care—these aren’t commonly seen outside of the ER or specialty hospitals.

Ready Warm

We heat fluids that go into the pet’s body for consistent warmth. This dramatically helps with temperature regulation and keeping them comfortable.

HotLine Fluid Warmer

This enfolds the intravenous fluids in a blanket of warmed circulating water as they flow down to the patient. This is a huge deal in keeping patients warm during a procedure. We typically use this for our littlest patients and longer procedures that will likely struggle to stay warm during anesthesia.

Human-Grade Oxygen System

We provide the same type of breathing system for your pet as you’d receive in the hospital. To our knowledge, we’re the only clinic in the Miami Valley that has this level of life support.

Anesthetic Machine

Our anesthetic machine controls the oxygen and general anesthesia (isoflurane) along with filtering out carbon dioxide that the patients breathe out—for safe inhalations and exhalations.

Vitals Monitor

Your pet will be connected to a hospital-grade monitor during the surgery with visual and audio reports continually monitored by the Pets in Stitches staff. Even though the surgery will likely last less than 20 minutes, we want to ensure your pet is safe and never in any distress during the surgery.

Mobile Vitals Monitor

Since our portable vital sign monitor is compact, we can quickly move it anywhere to check on a patient. It monitors blood oxygen levels, breath carbon dioxide levels, heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure. It’s actually considered one of the best machines for blood pressure measurements.


This machine can stop blood vessel bleeding quickly, which helps shorten surgery times and, more importantly, shortens the time a patient is under anesthesia. The longer a patient is under anesthesia, the greater the risk of complications.

Preparing for Surgery

Our veterinary surgeons have many years of spay and neuter experience under their belts and use specialized techniques to increase safety and decrease your pet’s time under anesthesia. We only trust the best staff to care for your pet.

Nugget In Surgery

Here you see Nugget ready to undergo his surgery. He’s completely relaxed and sedated, and hooked up to the vitals monitor and human-grade breathing system. In the end, he won’t remember a thing.

A Really Cool Tattoo

Yes, your pet will be tattooed. This green line is the recognized symbol that your pet has been spayed or neutered. It’ll be helpful to any vet who takes care of your pet in the future. Now, if only we could do rose tattoos, also… (jokes!).

Pedicures Too

While your pet is sedated, we’ll provide any extra services you requested—such as the pedicure you see here.

Snoozing on the Beach

The Beach is our recovery area. Each pet lounges on a heated blanket as the anesthesia wears off. Sometimes, pets can be disoriented a bit after surgery, so we like to have patients nearby where we can monitor them.

Making New Friends

Dr. Rastetter is stroking a small pet to stimulate their recovery on The Beach while another snoozes. The pets are typically drowsy and easily tolerate other pets nearby. When a pet is recovered, we’ll move them to their “suite for a day.”

Ya Gotta Love It

Some special attention after surgery. We know TLC is a crucial piece in helping recovery and we’ve got lots to give.

Communication App

We use our communication app to keep you up to date during the surgery and put your mind at ease.

What a Day

Your pet will be so excited to see you! When you come by to pick them up, they’ll be fully recovered from the anesthesia and pain free (due to the pain blocks). Probably hungry too. We’ll call in a couple days to see how they’re doing at home.

All Ready

Cozy and warm until you arrive to take them home.

Pets Are Our Passion

At work, at home, now, always.

Locally owned and operated, we are in the same community as you.

Come. Stay. Heal.

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