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Safest Types of Dog Chews & Bones

Chews for Choosy Pups Have an antsy pup? How about one that’s teething? Or one that seems to find shoes or socks irresistible? Keeping dog chew toys on hand is a great way to keep these types of doggos occupied. They can also help dogs’ dental health.  Vet-Approved Options  There’s no shortage of choices for …Read More

How to Ease Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety While Away

When the Dog Parents Are Away While the pandemic was in full force, people worked from home in higher numbers than ever before. Now, many are back to working outside of the home, in the office. We’re not sure how you feel about that transition, but we can assure you that your dog would prefer …Read More

So Much In Heat: Flank Spay Part 2

Timing is Everything  Summertime means many things. Lemonade, pools, flowers in bloom, and litters of kittens being born everywhere. Most of us know this is the time of year cats most commonly have their kittens, but did you know how soon after giving birth you can spay a cat? It might surprise you. Within 3 …Read More

Best Toys for Your Bunbun

Bunny-Approved Playtime Just like cats or dogs, rabbits also love to play and have fun! The best rabbit toys tend to be simple, like cardboard boxes or tubes, which you might already have on hand. Providing hobbies and toys for your rabbit helps prevent boredom and keeps them from chewing things they shouldn’t—like your new …Read More

Preventing Future Problems in Male Dogs

Warning: The following contains post-op pictures that are graphic. Though the purpose is for educational reference, viewer discretion is advised. Sometimes an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In this case, we’re talking about the nether regions of your male dog. Pets In Stitches staff will sometimes suggest a procedure called a …Read More

Pet Care After Spay or Neuter

Preparing for Surgery Undergoing a surgical procedure is often unpleasant, and can still be the case when we aren’t even the ones undergoing the surgery! We understand how much your pet means to you and why spay and neuter can be an unnerving time. While getting your pets spayed or neutered is a common set …Read More

Creating a Sanctuary for Your Rabbit

Perhaps you want to be a successful rabbit breeder and decided to start your own commercial rabbitry or maybe you’re just an ordinary person looking for a small furry animal to brighten up your day. Your first and most important step is to make sure that your rabbits are in good hands. This of course …Read More

True Care for a True Companion: Hank’s Surgery & Recovery

Hank is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever met! A 2-year-old American Bully, he soon became one of our most challenging patients. Hank is “brachycephalic”,  which means that he has a relatively broad, short skull. Not all of these dogs have health problems, but many have what is called “brachycephalic airway syndrome.” Hank …Read More

Cat Mating Season

With the arrival of Spring comes warm weather, longer days and kittens! Lots and lots of kittens. The cat mating season is upon us, so how can we best tend to the health and wellness of our cats during this time? Understanding the Reproductive Cycle of Cats What Does Being “In Heat” Mean? Simply put, …Read More

Sun Exposure for Dogs

As I watched my dog happily basking in the winter sun, snow all around, I wondered if pets need sun just like people do. Most of us know it’s important for people to get sun exposure, but did you know it’s key for pets too? In this article, we’re going to discuss the advantages of …Read More