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Two pomeranians sitting on a couch

Tonya Sanders

Owner of Abby and Snickers

I chose Pets In Stitches because I have two Pomeranians brother and sister and I needed some place that wouldn’t cost me a fortune to have them spayed and neutered The prices were very reasonable and the service was excellent. What I paid for both my babies to be spayed & neutered, seven teeth pulled, medicines and e-collar for both was a lot less expensive than what I was quoted just to have my babies fixed at another local vet. The quality of care was actually better and more personable than I’ve found anywhere else in this area. They treated my babies as if they were their own. The service was extraordinary. The doctors talked to me before and afterward and they explained everything to me in detail. I told them these are not just my dogs they are my babies and that I was petrified about them being put to sleep; they reassured me they would be fine. The receptionist told me I could call as many times as I wanted to check on my babies. When I picked up my babies that afternoon they were very sleepy but very comfortable, their incisions looked excellent. I was so impressed with the service, quality of their surgeries, and the caring staff. I have told everyone about Pets in Stitches.

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Jason Johnson

Owner of Autumn

The staff is very courteous, and I could tell that they would take good care of Autumn while I wasn’t there. I was able to print out all of my forms online and bring them in with her. The process only took about five minutes (it was about 30 minutes at other facilities), and everything was done at the fraction of the cost that I would have paid elsewhere. Everything was explained to me very well from the first phone call, and I knew exactly what was going to be done while she was there, and how much it was going to cost. The incision was very clean and healed quickly. She didn’t seem like she was in any pain at all. There is nothing that comes to mind for improvement, and that’s rare for me to say when asked. Your facility is a short drive from my apartment, it’s very clean, and the prices are affordable. It doesn’t get any better than that, and I will recommend your facility to everybody I can.

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Dana Smith

Owner of Bailey and Gracie

When I first went looking to find a place to get both my dogs fixed, there were several things I was after. I was worried about price, cleanliness and sterilization, how well my dogs would be treated, and how I would be treated as well. After calling different veterinarians including my, I found Pets In Stitches offered the best prices, by far. When first walking into Pets In Stitches, I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the front office and how well-mannered the staff was with me and my pups. Not only was I nervous but both of my pets were too and both had accidents on the floor; the crew at Pets In Stitches had it taken care of before I even knew what had happened. Their facility seems to be top notch and my dogs were well taken care of. I think the best part of taking my dogs to Pets In Stitches was the aftercare my dogs and I received from them. When I went back later that afternoon to pick up my dogs, they were both doing well. I was given and walked through a packet of papers that gave me thorough instructions on any problems that could arise, what to do if they did arise, and what is completely normal. I think I asked about 1,000 questions but the staff answered every single one of them for me and I didn’t feel like I was being pushed out the door. In my opinion, the best part of their service was them checking up on the dogs. The morning after the dogs’ surgery, they called me simply to see how the dogs were doing. Of course both dogs were fine, but I really appreciated it and it put me that much more at ease. I really liked how professional the staff and Danielle were with me. I think they were very thorough in answering all of my questions, they treated my dogs well, and they treated me like a real person rather than just another customer. I would recommend them to anyone, hands down.

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Kyle Herman

Owner of Bella Herman

Thank you Dr. Rastetter for asking about Bella, she is doing great and she is back to being very active. I would give Pets In Stitches a 10, but would like to give you higher than that! Bella, Kelli and I appreciated your attention to detail and your communication about the leakage coming from Bella’s incision. It was relaxing to have a Doctor who cared enough about our dog and kept us in the loop about Bella’s status and how she was doing. Dr. Rastetter truly cares about your pet and she even comes out to answer any questions or concerns you may have when you pick your dog up after their surgery. We also liked the fact that we could email or call if we had any questions or worries about Bella, and we received a response very fast! I think your service is great and we will bring any future dogs we have to Pets In Stitches!

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Lisa Grubb and Scott Munger

Owners of Bulvii and Wiley

I chose Pets in Stitches to have both of my dogs, Bulvii and Wiley, neutered mainly because of the price! It’s ridiculous how much it would have cost at their regular vet’s office compared to Pets in Stitches. It was very affordable and we were pleased with the whole environment. We also liked their “method” for dropping off our dogs. We had our two dogs neutered at different times, and our larger dog, Bulvii, has a lot of anxiety around people, so they gave him a shot to start to sedate him, and we stayed in a room with him by ourselves until he was much more relaxed, and then they carried him back. That went much smoother than dragging him off growling and whining. It made us feel better too. Also, they took the time to explain the “”at home”” instructions to make sure we understood everything properly, and even called the day after the surgeries to check and see how the dogs were doing. Great service! I honestly can’t think of anything that they could do to improve their service; we were very satisfied with everything!

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Anna Zimmer

Owner of Carson

I just had Carson at Pets in Stitches on Monday. I was extremely nervous dropping him off but I knew he needed to be neutered. Dropping him off was quick and easy. They went over everything that would be done, I paid, and went out to get Carson. I came to pick him up at 3pm. Aftercare was thoroughly explained and all my questions were answered. Everyone there was so nice, even the younger guy that brought him out to me was great! The next day they even called to check on him and again I was treated like I was the most important client they had. The “cone of shame” Carson got was soft and bendable. I know he can be very determined so I worried he would be able to get to his stitches. I was told if there was a problem I could bring him back in at no charge and they would figure something else out. The cone has been wonderful and he hasn’t been able to get to his sutures once. I was absolutely pleased with every experience I’ve had with Pets In Stitches and have already recommended them to people. Thanks for everything!

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