for Dogs

Cash the dog standing in front of the christmas tree with his festive bandana around his neck

Claire Gasparovich

Owner of Cash

10– we would definitely recommend! The staff were friendly, informative, and efficient. And of course the cost was fantastic. I especially like that you conduct patient follow up and allow for patients to send progress photos to make sure everything is healing ok! We saved almost $300!

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Hero, the dog, sprinting across a meadow

Julie Black

Owner of Hero

Yes, I would heartily recommend Pets In Stitches to a friend for a speuter! I especially appreciate the opportunity to try an OSS for my dog. I feel very lucky that an experienced surgeon is nearby, and the cost is a great value. Photo from today, and from two years ago—chasing jackrabbits is her favorite activity.

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Harley, the dog smiling at you

Brigette Small

Owner of Harley

10 I would absolutely recommend "Pets in Stitches" I appreciated the accessibility of staff during and outside of office hours. Harley had quite a bit of swelling and healed a little slower. As a first time dog owner it was reassuring to be able to send pictures of Harley's incision site and ask questions when I felt I really had no clue. Everyone was very kind, helpful and pretty quick to respond. Our regular vet recommended Pets in Stitches. We didn't do much shopping around but I felt Pets in Stitches provided a quality service at a reasonable price.

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Jack, the dachsund, stairing into your eyes while sitting on a sofa

Aimee Phillips

Owner of Jack

I would give Pets In Stitches a 10. The staff was so receptive to answering all of my questions...and I had a lot. I appreciated the pre-op process. It started from the very first phone call I made in order to ask questions. I loved the e-mails that confirmed our surgery date and all the information we needed. I appreciated the follow up e-mails as well. The text reminders were a huge help. They kept me on track and helped me to make sure I had everything together for Jack's day. The day of surgery was great. The staff was very kind and helpful during check-in. They were also wonderful to message me and send pics of Jack during the day. I liked that I could send pics of Jack's healing incision to make sure all was well. The staff was very prompt in answering my questions regarding how the incision was looking. I feel that you did everything just fine. We got a body suit which was so handy. I am a worrier, so we opted to get a head collar as well. I was a little disappointed that you did not have the small size of the soft version that we needed, but the staff was super helpful in fitting her for the plastic version which worked just fine. They showed me how to put in on and take it off. They even took our picture before we left as I like to document all of Jack's life and adventures.

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Two pomeranians sitting on a couch

Tonya Sanders

Owner of Abby and Snickers

I chose Pets In Stitches because I have two Pomeranians brother and sister and I needed some place that wouldn’t cost me a fortune to have them spayed and neutered The prices were very reasonable and the service was excellent. What I paid for both my babies to be spayed & neutered, seven teeth pulled, medicines and e-collar for both was a lot less expensive than what I was quoted just to have my babies fixed at another local vet. The quality of care was actually better and more personable than I’ve found anywhere else in this area. They treated my babies as if they were their own. The service was extraordinary. The doctors talked to me before and afterward and they explained everything to me in detail. I told them these are not just my dogs they are my babies and that I was petrified about them being put to sleep; they reassured me they would be fine. The receptionist told me I could call as many times as I wanted to check on my babies. When I picked up my babies that afternoon they were very sleepy but very comfortable, their incisions looked excellent. I was so impressed with the service, quality of their surgeries, and the caring staff. I have told everyone about Pets in Stitches.

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A close up of a white and brown dog standing on carpet

Jason Johnson

Owner of Autumn

The staff is very courteous, and I could tell that they would take good care of Autumn while I wasn’t there. I was able to print out all of my forms online and bring them in with her. The process only took about five minutes (it was about 30 minutes at other facilities), and everything was done at the fraction of the cost that I would have paid elsewhere. Everything was explained to me very well from the first phone call, and I knew exactly what was going to be done while she was there, and how much it was going to cost. The incision was very clean and healed quickly. She didn’t seem like she was in any pain at all. There is nothing that comes to mind for improvement, and that’s rare for me to say when asked. Your facility is a short drive from my apartment, it’s very clean, and the prices are affordable. It doesn’t get any better than that, and I will recommend your facility to everybody I can.

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